(YRKKH) Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Today’s Written Episode 26-9-2019 Vedika and Kartik Argue.

In the latest episode of Yeh rishta Kya kehlata hai, we come to know how Kartik came up to meet Kairav at the Singhania house. It started with the way when Kartik had been missing both Naira and Kairav and it was indeed a very serious phase for him to go through! As Kartik was very sad, Vedika had prepared bitter gourd carry for him but Kartik refused to have it as he had been feeling down and was not in a mood to have it anyway.

Kartik hallucinates about Naira and Kairav around him and then he gets upset thinking that it was just his imagination. Next, we’re indeed very surprised to see that Kairav was playing chess with Naksh and he says that having got the coconut laddus from Dadi, his camel tends to go straight. Naira says that it is absolutely fine to feed such kinds of foods to the kids and thus, she gave one to Kairav and then we see that she tells Naksh to have one as well.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written

Then we see that Naira comes to her grandmother and says that she wanted to ask for an apology and then she asked that now that she had realised her mistake, she is asking for an apology and that if the former would be able to forgive her. Grandma says Naira that she would be slapping her. She then says that she will call for a family reunion now. She then hugs her. At night, Kartik misses Kairav and thinks of calling him.

However, he then shifts from the idea because he had already called him for 2-3 times and now how many more times would he be calling him now. Vedika opens the door of the room thinking that Kartik might be surprised but she was shocked to see that there were a few people who had come there to repair the AC. From Vedika, Swarna and Manisha come to know that Kartik had been not there in the house.

Kairav after waking up from his bed calls Kartik and he found that despite being suffering from repeated hesitations, Kartik has come there and Kairav goes with excitement to open the door and the two are seen to spend some quality time post their meeting.

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(YRKKH) Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Today’s Written Episode 26-9-2019 Vedika and Kartik Argue.

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