Winning Numbers: Nagaland Morning Lottery 3-10-2019 Result Announced 11:30 AM

Get ready for the biggest jackpot of Nagaland Dear Kind Morning Lottery and fill your life with the shine of joy and wealth. Feedtel is glad that it is getting a chance to add a moment of endless happiness in your life by providing Nagaland Lottery Result. Feedtel is one of those trustworthy websites that always provide accurate result strict according to the schedule as we are much concern about your time and investments. So, all the smart people of the state active in today’s Nagaland Morning Lottery the latest result for Nagaland Dear Kind Morning Result will be announced at 11:30 AM offering a prize of 26 Lakhs. In our opinion, the Nagaland Lottery scheme is one of the most reliable and smooth ways to become rich and to fulfil all of the dreams. Have you ever wonder what if you get a massive amount 26 Lakhs what all can you do, it can untangle all the money related issues of your life and lead to a new happy and wealthy life.

Several thousand people participate in the lottery because they all have faith in the lottery that it can turn all their dreams true. How good is that a state mainly surviving on agriculture implementing these types of ideas that is in the favour of the entire state including the government itself. Nagaland State Lottery tends toward benefit to all the state by contributing to the state revenue, providing employment in the state, giving an equal lifestyle to all the citizens.

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Now, let’s back to today’s Nagaland Dear Kind Morning Lottery Result at 11:30 PM. This time as well Nagaland Lottery is offering a total of six winning prize categories that are going to give a superb morning to all of its winners. We are going to elaborate on the prize categories that are as follows

First Prize: Rs 26 Lakhs

Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Second Prize: Rs 9,000/-

Third Prize: Rs 500/-

Fourth Prize: Rs 250/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 120/-

We remind all the aspirants of Nagaland Lottery to check the complete Nagaland State Dear Kind Morning Results at 11:30 AM of 3 October 2019, Feedtel advises all the aspirants assemble all the tickets and check the result carefully, please cross check the results at least two times as it is one of the most significant results. Along with this, all the winners who win more than Rs 5000 submit your Nagaland Lottery ticket to the lottery department along with your id proof within 30 days.

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Winning Numbers: Nagaland Morning Lottery 3-10-2019 Result Announced 11:30 AM

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