West Bengal State Lottery Result Today 4PM: Dear Banga Laxmi Raidak Lottery of 2.10.2019

Hello all of my friend of West Bengal, hope you all are prepared for West Bengal Banga Laxmi Raidak Lottery of 2.10.2019. Check the result here at Feedtel by 4 PM and the complete result will disclose at 4:30 PM. Guys today Feedtel is going to explain to you the exact reason why you all should have to participate in West Benga Banga Laxmi Lottery so we start with a common wish of everyone that we all want a plentiful life in which we can balance between both and love along with money. Along with this who do not want to become the talk of the town for good reason. We think that everyone will like, people talk about their prosperous life. The good thing is that you can achieve all the things your favorite pieces of stuff just by taking part in West Bengal State Lottery.

West Bengal Lottery Result 4PM

Just imagine you can win an immense amount of ₹ 30 Lakhs every day and the story does not end here you are getting this chance every day, we think it is wonderful that a person can win that much amount in a single day without doing much hard work and it all can possible with West Bengal State Lottery and the best thing is that it does need any kind of acceptability in which you have to become eligible for. West Bengal Lottery conducts a major lucky draw along with an enormous first winning prize the pattern is mostly like Kerala Lottery. West Bengal Lottery Board is one of the highest prizes offering lottery after Kerala.  West Bengal  Lottery all with unique names and identities. So let’s watch out today’s  West Bengal Laxmi Raidak Lottery and it is offering you

the first prize of ₹ 30 Lakhs/-


there is a consolation prize of ₹ 1,000/-


the second winner will become eligible to take home ₹ 9,000/-


while the third winner gets a chance to win ₹ 500/-


if you emerge as the fourth winner hurray you can get ₹ 250/-


Congratulation fifth winner for ₹ 120/-

Live West Bengal State Lotteries

So, these are the prize categories of West Bengal State Banga Laxmi Raidak Lottery later enjoyed by the winners. So hold your excitement, pray to god, believe in your luck and check the complete West Bengal Result at 4:00 PM here at Feedtel. If the complete result will not publish we suggest you check again after a while as the complete result will be published at 4:30 PM. Stay tuned with Feedtel for more information and the latest West Bengal Lottery.

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West Bengal State Lottery Result Today 4PM: Dear Banga Laxmi Raidak Lottery of 2.10.2019

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