West Bengal Lottery Today Banga Bhumi Ajay Result 6-9-2019 First Prize worth ₹30 lacs

Hello Bengalis! A very warm welcome from Feedtel! for all your support to be with us. I’m back to you with today’s results of West Bengal Banga Bhumi Ajay Lottery results of 6th September 2K19. Generally, The results are uncovered by 4 PM from the West Bengal State Lottery Department but it takes another half an hour for the complete updated results. So, you will get to know complete results at 4:30 PM.

A vast number of people participate in West Bengal Banga Bhumi Ajay lottery every day. Forsooth, if a lottery can change your fate why not to try? Moreover, West Bengal Banga Bhumi Ajay costs you around ₹70-₹100 and you could win ₹30 lacs only in no time which you can’t able to earn even in a year. This is a very simple and easy way to become a millionaire.

You know what West Bengal is famous for? West Bengal is famous for its terracotta temples of Bishnupur. If you will ever visit West Bengal don’t miss to go terracotta temples, as the temple is the majesty of the State.

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West Bengal Banga Bhumi Ajay Lottery Results 6th September 2K19

So, the moment is here to disclose the results. Let’s move towards announcing the Banga Bhumi Ajay results. I’ll declare the results following our old ritual of starting from last prize winner and proceed to the first prize winner.

The Fifth Prize worth ₹120

Winners ~

Here comes the Fourth Prize worth ₹250

Winners ~

Now, we’ve the Third Prize worth ₹500

Winners ~

Moving towards the Second Prize worth ₹9,000

Winners ~

Before moving towards the first one, here’s the Consolation Prize worth ₹1,000

Winner ~

Finally, the First Prize worth ₹30 lacs

Today’s Luckiest Personality ~

I wish today’s Banga Bhumi Ajay first prize winner will be owned by the person who is needy actually. So, he can have happiness for his family. Till then wait for the results to be updated on this page and also visit West Bengal Lottery official page for your own satisfaction. I’ll be back to you in next session.

Stay Fit and Keep Trying Your Luck!

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West Bengal Lottery Today Banga Bhumi Ajay Result 6-9-2019 First Prize worth ₹30 lacs

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