Watch (YHM) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17-9-2019 Written Episode Sunil hits Karan’s car

Happy to see you back here in FeedTel. The last episode of Yeh hai Mohabbatein wherein we could see that the episode started with Natasha saying that it has been hurting her a lot. While Raman asks her to stand still for some time while he would be opening the door therein he takes out the keys from her purse. Since she was unable to stand straight or walk around, Raman lifted her up. Thus, he also does the first aid to her wounded foot.

Simmi asks to call Raman and then Natasha feels sorry for ruining things and Raman even came to do the medication. She even goes to bring the ointment for her. Natasha replies to Ishita’s call where she said the latter not to come between her and Raman. He insisted to go for he felt as if his family would be waiting. Ishita wanted to go for she felt as if something is not going right anyway.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

On the other hand, we see that Sunil hits Karan’s car. Karan, in return, scolds Sunil and Sunil felt to be sorry about that as well. Karan even slapped him hard. Ruhi and Aliya came on the spot right at that moment. Ruhi too scolded Sunil. While Natasha kept on nagging about the fact that he has been hurt, and asks Raman to apply the balm, he does so! She even tells that why is he so nervous to stay with her since she is his wife. Raman denies what she had to say and leaves the place saying that she must take care of herself.

On seeing Raman’s car, Ishita and Simmy get back home and ask Mihika is he actually fine and on returning, they find out that Raman was actually present over there with Natasha. Now, Raman started to give an explanation and saying that he has been just there to help out then, Natasha kept on questioning that why was he even bothered to explain.

Lastly, we could also see that Natasha has taken advantage of the situation and manipulated the entire thing in her own way. Besides, she had also clicked pictures when Raman was helping her out by lifting her. Lastly, we saw that Ishita was equally worried and could not come out of Raman’s drama. Yug too tries to console her!

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Watch (YHM) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17-9-2019 Written Episode Sunil hits Karan’s car

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