Valmiki Total Collection: Box Office Income Report Business Till Now Hit or Flop

Valmiki is the latest action thriller Tollywood release performing extremely well at the box office. The movie is facing some controversies because of its title but that has been changed by the makers of the yesterday night and now the title of the movie is Gaddalakonda Ganesh. Gaddalakonda Ganesh took a flying start from the day of its release and dominating the box office.

The movie is giving an esteemed performance all over and collecting an advantageous amount of words. Valmiki has generated much pre-release buzz that is enough to gather the awareness of the audience and rest hype is raised by the title controversy that also gathered much attention toward itself and in results, the zillion of moviegoers assembled in theatres that boost the performance of the movie.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh/Valmiki is also taking advantage of its positive reviews from the critics and audiences are supporting the movie unconditionally. Gaddalakonda Ganesh/Valmiki is considered as the best performance of the lead star Varun Tej’s Career till date.

Varun Tej has left the mark of his impression on the film industry with its dynamic performance in the movie, you can say that it is a one-man show as the heart winning performance of the lead actor admitted as the prime factor behind the supremacy of the movie.

valmiki income

There is a neck to neck competition between both the latest release including Valmiki and Kaappaan and if we deeper we can able to watch that on one side there are some of the biggest star of film Industry including Surya, Mohanlal, Arya and in my opinion we do not need to tell about their fanbase and on another hand there is only a single man Varun Tej he is a one-man army not only in the film but also at the box office.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh/Valmiki sustained a rock steady impulse in its entire first weekend, started its box office journey along with a hefty first-day box office collection of Rs. 19 crores and Rs. 10 crores as its third-day collection. The movie has fetched a total of Rs. 29.4 crores as its first-weekend collection.

The movie revolves around a filmmaker keen to make a film on a gangster as his first venture and meet to a ruthless gangster Ganesh and manages to get close to him but as he involves more into his life he finds that things are more complicated and able to see the other side of a gangster. The main question is that will the filmmaker will be able to complete his film. Apart from Varun Tej Gaddalakonda Ganesh/Valmiki cast Atharvaa, Pooja Hegde, and Mirnalini Ravi appearing in the pivotal roles. Stay tuned with Feedtel for more information and the latest Gaddalakonda Ganesh/Valmiki box office collection updates.

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Valmiki Total Collection: Box Office Income Report Business Till Now Hit or Flop

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