Total Income: Mardaani/ Mardani 2 Box Office Collection Audience Response Hit or Flop

We know that Mardaani movie has done very well at the box office and now Mardaani 2t has released, and it is also collecting a good box office collection, as per the information Mardaani 2 was earning much income as compared to the first part which was released a year ago. The lead actress is Rani Mukerji and she has played a very well role in the movie as almost everyone is praising her for her acting in the film.

The Rani starrer film was released on 13th Dec. and on the 1st day it collected Rs. 3.79 crore, it is a huge amount for the low budget movie. If we talk about weekend days, Mardaani film collected Rs. 7 crores and 8 crores separately. Mardaani’s third-day box office collection / Mardaani 3rd day collection is of Rs. 6 crores.

Mardaani 2 Total Box Office Collection

But as we know that these types of the movie always slow down after the first weekend and it is same in the case with this film as on Monday the film was able to earn a collection of Rs. 3 crores at the box office. If we compare this collection with Sunday collection then we all will come to know that there is a reduction of 25% on Monday collection. And the foremost reason why movie total earning has slow down is the huge rallies by Indians against the execution of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

mardaani 2

Now its time to talk regarding reviews given by peoples and critics. So if we tell you what people are saying about the Mardaani film, you will be shocked because people love this movie and also suggesting to watch it in the theatres.

According to the information accumulated, we can say that Mardaani 2 has become Rani Mukherji’s highest grossing movie this year. You would love to know that her previous movies Mardaani and Hichki have earned Rs. 14.40 and 15.30 crores separately. One more reason why this film was not able to collect a good amount at the Indian box office is the movie released on the same day such as Jumanji, Mamangam, The body, etc.

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Total Income: Mardaani/ Mardani 2 Box Office Collection Audience Response Hit or Flop

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