Today’s Update: Bepanah Pyaar 10-9-2019 Written Episode & Spoiler

Bepanah Pyaar on Colors is one of the happening serials in the channel and the last episode of the serial commences with Gopi and Shalu complimenting Aditi on the preps. They were eagerly preparing the invitees to the event but Aditi says not to invite her friend for the latter didn’t know English. Aditi further adds that she would need to go to call the musicians for the function and assures Shalu that she must not worry about the function for Aditi will keep everything in place and in order.

Tai says that after marriage, she has become Punjabi but no one actually forgets their own tradition no matter what! Priya and Nakul have been witnessing the whole scene and Priya remarks that Aai keeps on waiting all through the year for this particular festival. In order to ensure that Raghbir is not able to wipe off all the evidence, Pragati hides off the camera this time.

Just as she starts looking for the ring, Raghbir comes into the room. On the contrary, we find that Shalu has been hurt by the words of Aditi. Later on, she thought of taking up the language from Vidya when she was advised to join English coaching classes. She further adds that education is no way mandatory, all that’s needed is to have a good heart in order to welcome Bappa.

Besides, we see Raghbir and Pragati be all set for welcoming Ganpati and they were dressed in Marathi style. Now, everyone gathered downstairs and therein, Tina’s eyes kept on searching for Harshit. Gopi and Shalu were indeed touched by seeing the whole event taking place in Marathi style. Last but not the least, on seeing Pragati a little gloomy, Raghbir asks if everything is fine with her and the two dance on a Marathi song.

On the contrary, the mystery man goes on searching for the camera which he could finally find and Pragati too, could understand that from the mess in his room. She further gives the SD card to her father and Prashant who say that there is no point as the recording does no reveal the face of the mystery man.

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  1. I like the story of the show Raghbir’s first wife is dead, he is about to marry his childhood friend but even before the ceremony begins another woman is already claiming he’s her husband! What exactly is the truth behind Raghbir’s complicated marital life? Did his first wife really die or was there more to her suspicious death? Is Raghbir as innocent as the situation makes him look like? A twisted tale of love, revenge and betrayal.

Today’s Update: Bepanah Pyaar 10-9-2019 Written Episode & Spoiler

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