Today Sambad Lottery 11.30AM: Nagaland State Lottery Result Today of 9 October 2019

Hello people! Playing the lottery game has been going on for years and we see a lot of people taking it up these days as well. However, it is indeed great fun to see that one just keeps on trying his or her luck and win such a huge amount of money. So, today, here at FeedTel, we would be talking about the Nagaland lottery result morning slot. The morning results, “Dear Sincere Morning” will be announced soon and here, you can get all the prize distribution for the ranks below!

The Nagaland morning 11.55 AM Results will be out soon and before we move on to the prize announcement, let me tell you about the different slots of conduction of the lottery result. There are basically 3 slots, the first one is conducted in the morning 11.55 AM while the second round is held at 4 PM and the third one is at 8 PM, which comes out to be three times in a day. The first prize is announced to be Rs. 26.01 lakhs. The consolation prize is held as Rs. 1,000 that will be awarded to 439 valid ticket holders, based on the serial matches. And let’s check out the winning prize of today’s Nagaland State Lottery below:

First Prize: Rs 50 Lakhs

Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Second Prize: Rs 9,000/-

Third Prize: Rs 500/-

Fourth Prize: Rs 250/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 120/-

Next, there is the second prize in today’s Sambad Lottery Result that is of Rs. 9,000 and it is awarded to 4,400 winners. The third prize is Rs. 500 and it is awarded to 44,000 winners while the 4th prize is of Rs. 250 which is awarded to 40,000 valid winners. Last but not least, the 5th prize is Rs. 120 and it is given to 4,40,000 lottery ticket holders who are eligible to come up with the evidence of the matching serial numbers. The ticket holders are eligible to get all the claims or the prizes that are dedicated to the particular rank holders. A ticket worth Rs 6 can help you yield a huge sum of money. Just try your luck and I hope you can definitely earn a good amount!

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Today Sambad Lottery 11.30AM: Nagaland State Lottery Result Today of 9 October 2019

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