TNJ VS BJG LIVE STREAMING Chinese Super League 2019, Beijing Renhe vs Tianjin Teda

In today’s match of Chinese Super League 2019, Tianjin Teda will be taking off against Beijing Renhe. The TNJ vs BJG will be a mind-blowing attacking and defending game. Both the teams have a large gap in terms of points and position on the points table. Well! Tianjin Teda is placing at the 9th position while if we look at the bottom of the table, there we’ll get Beijing Renhe.


TNJ vs BJG Match Details:


When: Sunday, 20th October, 2019 @1:00 PM

Where: Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium


Series: Chinese Super League, TNJ vs BJG

Live Updates: FeedTel

TNJ vs BJG Match Preview:

Tianjin Teda with 32 points is spotted at the 9th place. As of now, TNJ has played a total of 25 games with 9 wins and 11 losses. The team has got an advantage that the remaining 5 games were tied. But for further games, they have to be more careful as a single mistake can make them afford a lot. They could even be out of the tournament.

On the other hand, Beijing Renhe is spotted at the bottom with only 12 points. The team has played 24 games. Out of those 24 games, the team has won only 3 games and has 3 ties. The rest of the 80% of the games i.e. 18 matches have been lost.

There could be chances that the match turned out to be one-sided. Well! Either it would be or not, but it’s quite obvious the match will be won by Tainjin Teda!


Tianjin Teda: Du Jia, Qipeng Yang, Liu Yang, Teng Shangkun, Wang Zhenghao, Qiu Tianyi, Wangsong Tan, Zheng Kaimu, Rong Hao, Bai Lei, Zhao Yingjie, Mirahmetjan Muzepper, Yang Cao, Zhao Hongli, Yang Wei, Gao Jiarun, Chiming Zhang, Felix Bastians, Peng Rui, Piao Taoyu, Guo Hao, Xie Weijun, Wanshun Yang, Ding Bowei, Frank Acheampong, Sandro Wagner, Johnathan, Mao Haoyu, Lei Youngchi, Su Yuanjie, Lan Jingxuan

Beijing Renhe: Zhang Lie, Liu Peng, Mou Pengfei, Du Wenyang, Boyang Liu, Luo Xin, Houliang Wan, Baojie Zhu, Shi Liang, Hantian Xiang, Hui Jin, Xinyu Liu, Li Chenglong, Nizamdin Ependi, Shao Shuai, Chen Liming, Augusto Fernández, Xuanhong Wang, Jie Chen, Jian Liu, Weizhe Sun, Cao Yongjing, Yufeng Zhang, Feng Renliang, Zhang Chenlong, Lin Jinghao, Wenzhao Zhang, Ayub Timbe Masika, Makhete Diop, Elvis Manu, Yihu Yang

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TNJ VS BJG LIVE STREAMING Chinese Super League 2019, Beijing Renhe vs Tianjin Teda

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