Telugu Movie: Ranarangam Total Box Office Collection, Review & Audience Response

To all the fans out there, Sharwanand’s flawless acting throughout the movie captured the hearts of the audience. The film has definitely got its own flawless beauty. Besides, Ranagram is a kind of movie that is potent of taking you away in its mindless beauty. After a certain point in time, you can estimate the fact that this film is heading to a predictable storyline. Talking about the film, we could see that the film did manage to do amazing in the box office and it has received mixed reviews from the critics as well. However, the audience, too, seems to have separate sorts of opinions to establish about the film on their part. Also, this is definitely going to be a good treat for the audience who prefer entertainment, a sort of package that has brief emotions added to plots of drama.

Sudheer Verma’s Sharwanand has successfully become the highest grosser on its opening day itself with around Rs. 8.10 Crore gross across the world. Sharwanand happened to share his happiness about the achievement of the film as well on the social media platform. He was seen to thank the audience about the success of the movie, mentioning his gratitude to the audience for the house full shows right on the opening day.

Here is the box office collection of Ranagram as per the recent updates available across different South-Indian states:

Nizam : Rs 2.75 Cr
Ceeded : Rs 1.23 Cr
West : Rs 0.47 Cr
East : Rs 0.51 Cr
Guntur : Rs 0.73 Cr
UA : Rs 1.10 Cr
Krishna : Rs 0.55 Cr
Nellore :Rs 0.32 Cr

Total Ranarangam 4 days AP/TS Box Office Collections: Rs 7.66 Cr shares

Ranarangam is basically a movie that has portrayed the story of Deva, happen to be a gangster who loses a precious belonging and then stucks up to the decision of going far away. The film shows how the actor was brave enough which things kept on chasing him when he went to Spain. It is picturesque of the fact that history or the past of a person keeps on chasing him or her years after. However, this would be a good dose of inspiration for the viewers as well for he is shown to overcome and resolve them alongside!

Having seen the success of this film, we wish the star “All the Best” for more success of this film as well as share our good vibes for his upcoming film, 96 Remake!

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Telugu Movie: Ranarangam Total Box Office Collection, Review & Audience Response

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