TB vs BT Live Basketball Match Match Taiwan Beer vs Bank of Taiwan Score Online Dream11 Prediction

The leaders on the scoreboard Taiwan Beer are all geared up to face the fourth leaders Bank of Taiwan this Friday. The world is currently dealing with the pandemic crisis which affected many leagues to be banned or postponed. But fate has it, the Super Basketball League is ready and kicking in this difficult time and providing a moment for fans to enjoy this tournament.

Talking about the teams, Taiwan Beer has gripped it’s win in hand and is a strong force against its opponent with a straight seven wins. So far, they have won 18 matches out of 23 in this season and are enjoying the first position of the league with a five-game margin. And hence, Taiwan Beer has become the ultimate favourite of everyone and expectations are higher this time.

The Bank of Taiwan, on the other hand, have been disappointing, they have just collected 11 of their 23 games played so far this season. They even were defeated by the opponents for three consecutive times. They could get a leap to the third position if they win this one and other results go their way.

TB vs BT

TB and BT team squad

Taiwan Beer Team Squad – H Zhen, Y Chang,
C Lihuan, W Gang, H Pan, Y Chien, H Tsung-Han, H Hung-Han, H Wu, Z Zhong, P Chou, H Wang, C Mingfeng, P Xiangwei, I Zaytsev, C Zhaohao, S Fan, S Bo-Zhang, K Barkley

Bank of Taiwan Team Squad – P Chang, C Yu Jui, G Jian Yi, C Li, X Zhang, M Jones, W Lee, L Hong Yuan, Z Jiahe, Y Chen, W Tai Jie, L Guan TIng, P Lin, H Jiaming, L Renhing, W Youren, L Renhao, S Chen, C Mitchell, H Zong Rong


Taiwan Beer Basketball Club are all ready to knock the socks off for their eighth successive wins when they play hosts to Bank of Taiwan Basketball in the regular-season of Super Basketball League Taiwan on Friday (IST). Looking at their performance, the results tell their winning story. They are the best the league has got, holding a 18-5 record this season. The team has got the best defensive and attacking form. Their last match with Kaohsiung Jeoutai Technology got them a 69-77 win. Their records have created a stir of fear among the teams to be strong against them.

While Bank of Taiwan has a huge task ahead of them, one being getting up in the scoreboard and other to make most scores during the match as they have the history of slipping scores. Both sides are trying to be in the best form. But, we know who can sweep this match too, this can be again a straightforward win for the home side.

Match Date – 3 April 2020

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TB vs BT Live Basketball Match Match Taiwan Beer vs Bank of Taiwan Score Online Dream11 Prediction

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