Sthree Sakthi SS 178: Kerala Lottery Result 8-10-2019 Declared @ 4PM

Hi People! Welcoming you back to FeedTel. Today we’re here to feed you with the latest updates of the Kerala Sthree Sakthi SS 178. The Kerala Lottery Department conducts a lottery session each day. Basically, there are a total of 7 Kerala lottery sessions for a week. And, these are Kerala Win Win, Sthree Sakthi, Akshaya, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, Karunya KR, and the last Pournami. I would like to suggest you grab this golden opportunity and try your luck once. Might be your luck is by your side and the wait is for you only to take a step forward.

The Sthree Sakthi lottery session takes place every Tuesday. The result will start to be declared by 4 PM. The price of a single Kerala lottery is only ₹30 including GST. The aspirants can also opt for the entire booklet that costs ₹750. Let me tell you Kerala lottery is one of the most famous 13 state lotteries. The reason being, Kerala is the highest prize offering lottery and its ticket price as per the prize value is quite digestible and affordable.

Let’s talk about the prize diffusion system now. This prize dispersal fragment is tackled by the Kerala Lottery Department. The first prize winner of today’s Kerala Sthree Sakthi will be winning the bonanza prize money worth ₹70 lakhs. Coming to the second prize winner, who will be receiving a goody prize value of ₹5 lakhs. The third prize value is worth ₹5,000. Along with these prize money values, there’s a consolation prize worth ₹8,000 for multiple winners.

Here is the list of today’s 8th October 2019 Kerala Sthree Sakthi prize winners:

First Prize: ₹80 Lakhs

Second Prize: ₹5 Lakhs

Third Prize: ₹5,000

F0urth Prize: ₹2,000

Fifth Prize: ₹1,000

Sixth Prize: ₹500

Seventh Prize: ₹200

Eighth Prize: ₹100

Now, comes the moment to end the session here itself. But before leaving I would like to suggest to cross-check the results from the Kerala official website in case of any doubt or something like that. Also, the prize winners are requested to carry their ID proofs along with some blank cheques when reaching out to claim the prize money.

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Sthree Sakthi SS 178: Kerala Lottery Result 8-10-2019 Declared @ 4PM

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