Spoilers Alert: Kundali Bhagya 9-9-2019 Written Episode Online Today’s News

The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya starred Prithbi who seemed to be very much tensed about his mother who appeared to be really worried. She further adds that Preeta shall not be able to visit the Luthra house since she has saved the individual who was behind the accident of Mahesh.

On the other end, Sarla calls both of them and asks them to get ready for the wedding since it was the only day that was absolutely relevant and auspicious for the marriage to happen, and thus, they should not be missing it by any chance. Since the groom has left the mandap earlier in between the wedding, beeji asked Preeta to freshen up herself so that the pandit can resume the rituals.


On the other side, we see that Rishabh meets with an accident since Mahesh’s words were in his mind while he was driving. He almost killed s drunken man and on asking, he says that indeed he has been heartbroken for his father was in a state of coma. Seeing the miseries of Rishabh, the man asks him to get back to the lady he loves and confess about his feelings to her. Now, we see that Rishabh was in a dilemma whether or not he should reveal his feelings to Preeta.

Since the marriage was on hold in between, Shristi considers it to be a bad omen wherein he says that it could be a sign from God to discontinue the wedding. Rishabh till then enters the mandap and shares his feelings for Preeta. He even tries to remind Preeta about all those moments of romance between them so that she can recollect those moments and get back to him. However, things do not seem to fall in place anymore.

Preeta says that trusting him before has mislead her before. She also says that this time, she won’t be able to decide and lose. Prithvi, being the choice of her mother, she will do whatever is meant to be done! She even says that this time she won’t be able to stand against her mother.

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Spoilers Alert: Kundali Bhagya 9-9-2019 Written Episode Online Today’s News

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