Spoiler Kundali Bhagya 11-9-2019 Sarla Requests Groom To Unveil His Face Written Episode

Welcoming you back to FeedTel, here we have come up to give you a written update of the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya wherein we have prepared this particularly for all those people who have missed out the show. This episode update is sure to give them an idea so that they do not find a breakage of link during the next episode that they would be watching! Well, in the latest episode, Risabh gets really emotional and says to Preeta that he will not be coming back to her life again. Having said so, he leaves and drives away the car.

On the other end, we see that Prithvi is all set for the wedding day and prepares herself solely for his wedding with Preeta. Just then Karan and Sameer walked in. It was indeed a scene of stress and worry. Karan gets ready for the wedding and then asks Sameer to return back to home. He was very eager to see the post which Karan puts a handkerchief with chloroform. He even puts it on Prithvi’s face, thus, laying him unconscious. Now, Karan gets really agitated and promises that he would be making life tough for Preeta after the wedding.

kundali bhagya today

Later on, we also see how Kareena bus accuses Rakhi of her ignorance towards the satisfaction of her family members and the way he has been supportive towards Preeta. Prithvi’s mother was extremely happy to see Preeta marrying a criminal. On the contrary, we see that Sarla was absolutely satisfied that Sherlyn was out of their lives and that she could receive Preeta as her daughter in law.

kundali bhagya episode

Last but not the least, we could see the episode for the day ending with Karan and Preeta exchanging garlands with one another and thus, we would love to see the two living happily! For more updates about the coming episodes, get back to FeedTel and you can get all the castings ready!

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Spoiler Kundali Bhagya 11-9-2019 Sarla Requests Groom To Unveil His Face Written Episode

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