Spoiler Alert: Ace Of Space 2 Today’s Episode 17-9-2019 Latest Updates and Gossips

Hello guys! Hope you all have been doing really well. Today we have been here with the latest updates from the MTV series, Ace of space. Indeed, this is an amazing show that is upon the TV and for all those people who have watched the previous seasons and love music and thrill-packed all together, this is gonna be a superb pack for them. Well, in case you have missed the last few episodes of this show, it is gonna be really difficult for you guys to keep in touch with the upcoming episodes. So here is the update about the former episodes so that the next time you go for a watch, you won’t have to fight any longer in order to keep a track of the same!

ace of space 2 today

In the former episode of MTV Ace of space, Vikas Gupta was seen to express his anger on Akshay Kakkar wherein he could not find any weakling in the house. He even backed out twice while he has been in the bout session. In that episode, we had also seen that Vikas sent Akshay back to his home. He even gave a second thought to his decision. Not just this, Vikas also manipulates the other housemates over here wherein he asks them not to talk to Akshay.

ace of space season 2

If you have skipped yesterday’s episode of Ace of Space, let me tell you what had actually happened in the show. MTV Ace of space, in the very recent episode, had a full of fun and thrill where we could find Urvashi Rautela and Tony Kakkar making an amazing entry engagement with their corresponding housemates.

There was a lot of music, dance and fun all together through the episode. We could see every contestant enjoying themselves through the episode. Salman Zaidi was assigned with an extremely difficult task wherein he made a choice between Nikita Bhamidipati and Krissann Barrtta for eviction. In order to fetch more such updates, stay tuned with FeedTel and we would keep you updated about the same!

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Spoiler Alert: Ace Of Space 2 Today’s Episode 17-9-2019 Latest Updates and Gossips

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