Splitsvilla X2: Watch Today’s Episode 5 13-9-2019 Friday 7 PM Fights Are Getting Ugly In Villa

Welcome back to FeedTel and hope this morning has brought some really amazing moments for me. I met with an old school friend of mine on the way and hope it has been a really good time for you as well. Coming up to the recent updates from FeedTel, today we have decided to write something about the Splitsvilla episodes that is going fabulously over the channel. A splitsvilla fan would certainly not want to miss a single episode of the show and if you are one who has skipped a show, here is the update for you that is going to help you find a link with the next episode you have seen!


Splitsvilla episode 5 has got a lot to reveal to the audience and if you are a die-hard fan of this show that is up on MTV, you should no way miss it! In the former episode 4, we have seen how love keeps on blooming in the air. However, amidst all the scenes in a zoo, that the house has gradually turned to be over time. Coming to the update about the show, we are witnessing a heated argument going on inside the house. The first doom session is all up and in the latest episode, we could see the way Piyush Sharma and Alfez Khaisi were extremely agitated upon some of the contestants in the show. It was a scene full of drama and we were expecting some real bombs to blast!

splitsvilla x2

The same scenario will carry on along the Splitsvilla episode 5 that is going to follow soon. The agitation was all because of the fact that some of the contestants tried to expel these two people in the doom session and they had a hold on that anger upon them. Next episodes can expect some real-time drama and revenge sequences as well. They were even observed to make an alliance with each other and they were even seen to get everyone else in the house eliminated.

splitsvilla x2 girls

Post that, on the next morning we did see Sunny Leone, who has been the one and only gorgeous host of the show and the all time’s favourite talk of the town messaged the boys in the show. In this, all the boys would be able to spend some good time with the beautiful, Sunny during their first Bae watch session. In this episode, it is all gonna be about the way how Sunny is going to train the boys to start a conversation with a girl wherein she is supposed to treat the boys about how they would be talking to a girl.

splitsvilla today's episode

In that, one of the contestants said that they would be starting their contestants with a cheesy pickup line. Ashish Bhatia, the ex-roadies contestant said that she would start approaching a girl like the way she did it to Sunny by falling on her knees and asking for a band aid. Sunny was carefully noticing all their variations and even she did some valuable tips and suggestions to the participants. Lately, she even asked the girls of the show to come up and scrutinize the boys in real-time. In the very first round, we see that Sunny gave 30 hearts to the boys for impressing the girls. There was a basket of hearts given to the girls in the show and all that they were needed to do was to give away a heart to each of the boys who manage to impress them in the rounds respectively.

splitsvilla today

After the first round was done, the second round was all about the way they would be giving out their proposals. All that they needed to do was to speak up their hearts. In this episode, we could some real love birds turning out wherein we even found out that Shrey Mittal spoke his feelings before Jimal Singh. On the contrary, we even saw that Arshiya was asked for a date by Piyush. Also, Aradhana was asked by Alfez for a date. Shivam, too, tried to make an approach to Bhavya, yet he got rejected for the proposal. Ashish asks Ahana as well. Last but not least, I personally loved the way Ankush made an approach to Priyamvada.

splitsvilla Friday

Therefore, if you are looking forward to knowing more about the show and learn the A-Z of the theme called “love” Watch splitsvilla x2 episode 5 and I am pretty sure that you are going to love it! This episode would bring a lot of surprises for you and the contestants would make some “real dhamaka” this time! Keep watching and have your eyes on our website to ensure that you have all the updates of the episodes! We would love to hear more from you in the comment section below!

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Splitsvilla X2: Watch Today’s Episode 5 13-9-2019 Friday 7 PM Fights Are Getting Ugly In Villa

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