Splitsvilla X2 (12) Episode 9 Ankush Gave Tough Fight To Piyush Today’s Ep 11-10-2019

Splitsvilla x2 started with all hoots and whistles, the girls and boys in the villa are trying hard to compete in tasks to remain in the competition and mingle with their fellow contestants to find love and of course to win the title. Though, the show has even witnessed various fights and controversies. But that’s all right. Looking at the concept of the show, it’s already anticipated.

Last Friday we saw discussions, battles, and charges in the dome session but we couldn’t catch contestants performing the task. After the last episode being abruptly ended, the craze amongst the fans has been doubled towards the coming episode 9 of Splitsvilla season 12.

As we know, this week’s task is going to be a challenge than a task as the band of chosen ones is in trouble. In this particular task, the contestants can challenge the ‘chosen ones’. But before they come head to head with ‘chosen ones’ they have to fight against the ‘ideal ones’. We already have our ideal couple Alfez and Aradhana and chosen ones as Ashish and Meisha. Last week we saw, Bhavya had the power to choose one of the contestants that will challenge the chosen ones, she picks Piyush and Priyamvada.

This week, we see the girls perform a task where they have to knock each other down while hanging on an elastic rope tied on either side of the swimming pool. First Aradhana and Priyamvada will compete, Aradhana will win the task. On the other hand, Alfez and Piyush will fight against each other. They both will stand on the pole with a shield and a bat in their either hands and knock each other down.

Alfez and Aradhana will win the task and compete with Ashish and Meisha in the final task. But the twist is that Alfez will get injured during the task and Piyush will take his place in the final task while Aradhana will compete with Meisha. Ashish and Piyush will get into a fight during the task where Piyush climbs to Ashish’s pole and both fall in the pool. However, Ashish Bhatia and Meisha will win the task against them.

If reports are believed, Arshiya Arshi who got eliminated from Splitsvilla x2 will get wild card entry to the show. If that’s true, Arishya’s fans have some good news to indulge in. Well, we have to wait for some time to see this happening. But for now, we are super excited about the upcoming task in episode 9 of Splitsvilla season 12. For more such updates, stay tuned!

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Splitsvilla X2 (12) Episode 9 Ankush Gave Tough Fight To Piyush Today’s Ep 11-10-2019

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