Singam Tagetes Lottery Results 11:55 AM| Manipur Morning| 17th October

Hi Peeps! We’re back to you but today we’ll be discussing something new. And, that is Manipur Singam Tagetes Morning Lottery. So, Yeah today’s Target is Tagetes. There are only 13 states where there this lottery system hasn’t got banned and is official. Fortunately, Manipur falls in that category too. Well! Let me tell you today these 13 states too: Kerala, Goa, Mizoram, Nagaland, Meghalaya, West Bengal, Sikkim, Manipur, Maharashtra, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh. Manipur Singam Tagetes is considered to be the most popular among all.


The lottery ticket price for a single Manipur Singam Tagetes Morning lottery is only ₹6. Let’s come to the parameters of the prize distributions. Today’s first prize winner of the Manipur Singam Tagetes will win ₹27 lakhs. The second prize value is ₹5,000. Coming to the third prize winner who will be taking home back ₹1,000. The fourth and fifth prize winners will be blessed with ₹500 and ₹700 respectively. There’s an additional i.e. the consolation prize too worth ₹10,000 for the aspirants with some similar serial numbers. Let’s have a look over today’s Manipur Singam Tagetes Morning Lottery Results, 17th October 2019.

First Prize Winner: ₹27 Lakhs

Second Prize Winners: ₹5,000/-

Third Prize Winners: ₹1,000/-

Fourth Prize Winners: ₹500/-

Fifth Prize Winners: ₹700/-

Consolation Prize Winners: ₹10,000/-

Manipur Lottery System comprises of 3 lotto sessions- a Morning session which takes place at 11:55 AM, a Day session held at 4 PM, and the Evening session at 8 PM. The Manipur lottery prize winners will be required to reach out to the Director of the Manipur lottery office in Imphal in order to claim their prize values. A valid authentication process and some sort of formalities are to be fulfilled before handing over the prize money. Well! The entire Manipur Lottery system is conducted by a responsible person, i.e., the Director of the Manipur Lottery Department, Sajenthong, Imphal, Manipur 462004.


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Singam Tagetes Lottery Results 11:55 AM| Manipur Morning| 17th October

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