“She said YES” – Bindi Irwin finally engaged to her boyfriend, Chandler Powell

“She said YES” says the caption from the recent post of Instagram by Chandler Powell, which announces his engagement with his long-time girlfriend, Australian sweetheart, Bindi Irwin.

Based on their own social media accounts and multiple interviews, the couple really had a fairy-tale story from the moment they met, a story which is not only beautiful but also, inspiring. According to an interview, the couple had met back in 2015, when nature – loving and an animal enthusiast, Powell, visited the Australian Zoo, run by the Irwin family. It was there among their family and friends, they fell in love with each other at first sight. Since then, they had always remained in contact and had grown closer to each other due to their complementing personalities, and despite the many odds, the two has managed to remain together and committed to each other for many years. In fact, the two had been so in- love with each other that Powell had, reportedly, moved to Australia a few years back to stay closer to Irwin.

Moreover, the couple have also never shied away from expressing their love and admiration for one other in front of the world, and always remain supportive of each other.

I think I have found my one, and I’m so lucky. He is always encouraging me to follow my dreams, reminding me to stand up for what I believe in,” Bindi revealed. “I’m truly proud of Chandler because he is always unbelievably kind and optimistic. He is there [for me] no matter what.”

Similarly, in one of the recent Instagram post by Bindi Irwin, where the couple visited a local coffee shop, Irwin shared the incident which describes how well they know and understand each other.

“A while back I ordered a charcoal latte and @chandlerpowell quietly knew I wouldn’t like it at all,” Irwin wrote. “I took this picture, tasted my grey drink and said, ‘Babe, this isn’t great.’ Without a word Chandler gave me his cup of tea that he had ordered knowing I’d dislike mine.

“He then drank my fancy, slightly weird beverage telling me that he was glad I tried something new. That right there is love.”

This shows how they are a match made in heaven and so, we wish them the very best for a happy life together.

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“She said YES” – Bindi Irwin finally engaged to her boyfriend, Chandler Powell

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