Punjabi Movie: Surkhi Bindi Box Office Collection Review & Ratings Hit Or Flop

If you are interested in watching a Punjabi movie in the theatres, then a new movie Surkhi Bindi has just been released into the theatres. Surkhi Bindi was released across India on 30th August 2019 and is running in theatres currently. Surkhi Bindi is a Punjabi drama movie with Gurnam Bhullar and Sargun Mehta starring as the main leads of the movie. The script for Surkhi Bindi is written by Rupinder Inderjit and the direction is done by Jagdeep Sidhu.

Talking about the producers of the movie, Surkhi Bindi is bankrolled by Ankit Vijan, Navdeep Narula, Gurjit Singh, and Santhosh Subash Thite under the banner of Shri Narotam Ji Films. The movie’s music is composed by V RAKX Music, Kick Masterz, and Laddi Gill with the background score done by Sandeep Saxena. Cinematography is done by Akashdeep Pandey and editing is done by Manish More. The movie is released in India by Zee Studios.

Surkhi Bindi Cast

In the initial stages, Punjabi actress Simi Chahal was considered to play the role of the female lead in this movie. However, the actress role was later given to Sargun Mehta. The movie has a relatively small star cast. Below are the actors and actresses playing key roles in Surkhi Bindi.

  1. Gurnam Bhullar.
  2. Sargun Mehta.
  3. Nisha Bano.
  4. Rupinder Rupi.
  5. Surkhwinder Raj.

Surkhi Bindi Review

The movie project was announced back in March 2018 and was supposed to hit theatres on March 2019. However, as Jagdeep Sidhu, who is the main lead male character in the movie, was busy with other of his already committed projects, the release date of Surkhi Bindi was then postponed to 30th August 2019.

Talking about the review of Surkhi Bindi, the movie managed to gain relatively positive reviews upon release. Most of the critics praised the on-screen chemistry of Gurnam Bhullar and Sargun Mehta, which made the movie a pleasure to watch. With a running time of 128 minutes, the movie does not feel boring at any time and all the star cast of this movie has given full justice to their performance.

Surkhi Bindi is a feel-good movie that makes you feel happy and satisfied at the end of the runtime. So if you are looking to spend time watching a movie where you aren’t left with doubts or questions at the end, or does not have to wait for a sequel for perfect answers, then you should definitely watch Surkhi Bindi.

Surkhi Bindi Box Office

As the movie has got positive reviews, we are expecting Surkhi Bindi to collect around ₹4-5 crores on Day 1. Which means the movie will be able to recollect the entire production costs within a few days and is definitely a super-hit Punjabi movie of 2019.

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Punjabi Movie: Surkhi Bindi Box Office Collection Review & Ratings Hit Or Flop

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