Punjabi Movie Singham Starring Permish Verma Box Office Collection First (1st) Day Review

Parmish Verma is back with Punjabi Singham, which is the remake of Ajay Devgan 2011 Bollywood hit Singham. The reason behind the movie’s hype is the Parmish fan base, which is already so high. He is a well- known Punjabi singer. Recently, he gave the most famous Punjabi songs to Pollywood like “Gaal ni kadni,” “Shada,” “Chal Oye,” and “Ja ve ja.” Parmish has worked hard and gave his best efforts for the movie. Not only this, but he also said it was more responsibility than pressure to maintain that level and to recreate such a big hit movie of a superstar like him.

Parmish told IANS, “Ajay sir has decades of experience, and I have just started. So it was more of responsibility than pressure to be a part of the remake of his popular franchise ‘Singham.’ Be it his ( Ajay) signature step or ‘aata maajhi satakli’ dialogue, everything about his film became popular. I cannot take this opportunity for granted. So, I have tried my best to do full justice to the role.”

Did Ajay help him to imitate? “I did not meet him while shooting. I met him only a few days ago. No one can teach someone how to become like them. Ajay sir played Bajirao Singham, who was a police officer for a long time, while Dilsher (Parmish’s character in the Punjabi ‘Singham’ ), is a newbie in the police. Both characters are different, and I did not want to mimic Ajay sir because I know I can’t reach his level. I cannot compare myself with him,” he added.

When asked about the reason for showing off the luxurious cars and bikes in his songs. To this, he explained, “See everyone dreams of possessing luxury items. One should not blame Punjabi songs for promoting materialism because what we show (in the music videos) is a reality. In today’s time, everyone wants to have big cars and houses, so we highlight those dreams through our songs.”

Undoubtedly, everyone agrees with the fact Parmish is so good at heart. He says he sings songs that make him feel connected with the audience. He has those vibes which not only make him feel connected but also makes the audience too to feel relevant to him. Not only this, but he also said, his songs aren’t for him. He sings for his audience. He feels so good when he sees party animals dancing and enjoying crazily on his songs. And this is the only reason being most of his songs youth-oriented.

With lots and lots of love to him from Feedtel. Here’s a big bucket of luck to him for his movie Singham. So, let’s go and show some love for him. And yes! Stay Connected with us to know how well Punjabi Singham is performing on the big screen.

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Punjabi Movie Singham Starring Permish Verma Box Office Collection First (1st) Day Review

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