POR vs SPA Iberia Cup 2019| Portugal vs Spain| Match 4| October 26

Iberia Cup, Forth match will be played today between Spain and Portugal. The match will be played at La Manga Club Bottom Ground, Cartagena, Murcia with a capacity of 30,000 seats. In this league, there are only 3 teams Portugal, Gibraltar, and Spain. Spain performed excellently in their first match against the same team Portugal. While Portugal’s game was not so interesting to stare at. Portugal has to work hard to win this match, it’s difficult but not impossible. The league will end on 27th October. So, they have not much time to first see how they play and understand their gameplay. By then it will be too late because the league won’t wait for their good performance. It’s a do or dies match, the one who plays good, will move to the other league and the one who will play badly will go back home.


WHEN: Saturday, 26 October, 2019


VENUE: La Manga Club Bottom Ground, Cartagena, Murcia

Have a look over TEAM SQUADs of PORTUGAL vs SPAIN:


Paulo Buccimazza (C), Arslan Ahmed, Mian Mehmood, Syed Ali Naqi, Zohaib Sarwar, Francoise Stroman (WK), Md Fakhrul Hussain, Imran Khan, Assad Mehmood, Najjam Shahzad, Sukhwinder Singh, Davinder Singh, M Sajjad Yousef, Amer Ikram.


Faran Afzal (WK), Awais Ahmed, Yasir Ali, Zulqarnain Haider, Paul Hennessy, Ravi Panchal, Christian Muñoz Mills (C), Kuldeep Lal, Atif Mehmood, Tauqeer Hussain, Tom Vine, Raja Adeel, Rhys Morgan, Nadim Hussain, Jack Perman, Vinod Kumar, Mucktair Singh.


When they fought first against each other on 25th October, Spain has given a cracking performance over the field and makes people their fans. But Portugal was not able to give a good performance even they couldn’t reach 100 runs. Portugal made only 87 runs in 20 overs while Sain chased the given target in just 14.2 overs with a loss of two wickets. Paul made 38 runs and Yasir made 23 runs in the last match played. The audience this time beliefs that the match should be interesting and the money they spend on their ticket might be worthy.
From our point of view, PORTUGAL WILL BE THE WINNER!

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POR vs SPA Iberia Cup 2019| Portugal vs Spain| Match 4| October 26

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