Naukar Vahuti Da: Box Office Total Collection Audience Review & Critics Punjabi Movie

Naukar Vahuti Da is a family Punjabi movie released in 2019. If you are in search of a Punjabi movie to watch in the theatre this weekend and want to know about the Naukar Vahuti Da (2019) movie so as to decide on whether it is the right movie to pick and watch in the theatres, then we are here with some necessary information that will help you in deciding.

Naukar Vahuti Da Cast

  1. Kulraj Randhawa.
  2. Binnu Dhillon.
  3. Upasna Singh.
  4. Dev Kharoud.
  5. Gurpreet Ghuggi.
  6. Jaswinder Bhalla.
  7. Japji Khaira.

The movie is directed by Smeep Kang.

Naukar Vahuti Da Review

The movie Naukar Vahuti Da (2019) is basically a story about an ordinary married couple and the rough times that they have to go through together. However, instead of making the movie a completely serious drama, the writer and director have taken special attention to make the Naukar Vahuti Da (2019) movie seem more comparable to the lives of common people. In order to do so, comedy has been included into the movie so people can watch the movie with a light heart and also compare the events happening within the movie with their own lives without having any negative thoughts or harsh feelings.

The movie managed to create a very good hype right from the moment its trailer was launched.

To give you a small insight of the movie and its plot, the storyline revolves around Shivinder, who is portrayed on the big screen by Binnu Dhillon, and his wife Neetu, portrayed by Kulraj Randhawa, and their on-screen daughter.

Shivinder is someone who is behind making Punjabi video songs and does not find enough time to devote to the needs of his family. On this issue and more, Neetu decides that she can’t take the burden and problems anymore and hence decides to leave Shivinder and return to the house of her parents.

Shivinder, who is devastated, along with his friend Bhola, manages to get into the house of his in-laws by disguising himself as an old-aged driver.

The story then progresses through various events where the ultimate goal of Shivinder is to gain the love of his life back.

Naukar Vahuti Da (2019) Box Office

Being a light-hearted film, Naukar Vahuti Da (2019) is very much oriented towards the family audience. Also, as mentioned previously, the film was able to gain positive buzz around it from the moment its trailer was launched.

All of this, along with the good storyline and direction has made the Naukar Vahuti Da (2019) movie a success in the box office and the movie can definitely be labelled a super-hit.

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Naukar Vahuti Da: Box Office Total Collection Audience Review & Critics Punjabi Movie

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