Nagaland State Lottery Result Morning 11:55 AM 10-10-2019 Lucky Winner Worth 50 Lakh!

One of the greatest ways through which you can try your luck and win a really good amount is by participating in the lottery game. Indeed, it is one of the best games so far that lets you do nothing and win a good sum of money. So, if you are one of them who has been looking for trying out your luck and see whether or not you have been standing at the top of it, here is a good opportunity for you.

The Nagaland lottery is one of the best ways through which you can test your luck and not just this, it also gives you an option through which you would just need to spend an amount as low as Rs 6 and then wait for your luck to turn up! Well, Nagaland lottery was legalised since its amendment in the year 2015 and since then, we see a lot of people participating in the game. In fact.

It is so very popular in the state that more than 40 crore tickets are printed. If you have been looking for Nagaland lottery result for Thursday (10.10.2019), that is named as “Dear Loving Morning” result that will soon be declared at 11.55 AM, here we are going to mention the prize distribution of the same, and to know that read below:

First Prize Winners:


Second Prize Winners:


Third Prize Winners:


Fourth Prize Winners:


Fifth Prize Winners:


Consolation Prize Winners:


The 1st prize winner is eligible to take an amount of Rs 25.26 lakhs and then, we also have 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th prizes as well. Other than that, there is a consolation prize of Rs 1000 that is awarded to multiple ticket holders. Therefore, it is important to ensure that once you buy the ticket for a particular day, you must move on to check the results once they get announced and do that by searching online or going through the state gazette. Once the results are declared, match the serial number and make the claim as early as possible.

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Nagaland State Lottery Result Morning 11:55 AM 10-10-2019 Lucky Winner Worth 50 Lakh!

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