Nagaland State Lottery: Nagaland Dear Faithful Morning Lottery Result 11:30 AM of 2.10.2019

Get ready to make your morning extra-ordinary along with Nagaland Dear Faithful MorningĀ  of 2.10.2019. Get involved in the biggest cash flow of the state win an unusual grand first prize and live your life king size. Poverty welcomes many problems in life but prosperity is a solution to all the problems ones and for all. Why live a less ordinary life when you can easily earn a huge amount of money just by taking part in Nagaland State Lottery, take advantage of the facilities government providing and make your life more satisfying. Even after getting so much convenience, if you cannot become rich, then we do not know who will enjoy this kind of life. Remember you are luckiest than many other people who are living in such types of states where Lotteries scheme are illegal, they have to work hard daily to become rich but Nagaland Lottery is supporting you, so do not waste your time and win some big money.

Dear Faithful Lottery Result Today At 11:30 AM

Collect as many tickets as you can but make sure that to purchase your ticket with an authorized dealer, it is necessary to buy lottery tickets from an authorized dealer to prevent the fraud. Take part in Nagaland Morning Lottery and leave the rest on your destiny. Many people are living now a hedonistic life. Do not worry about the latest result as Feedtel is taking the complete responsibility of the latest and trustworthy results at the exact time.

Nagaland Morning Lottery Result 11.30 AM

So, now let’s come to the recent and latest Nagaland Dear Faithful Morning Lottery Result disclose at 11:30 AM in the morning and the complete result will be declared at 12 PM. That is why because the lottery department takes some time to withdraw the numbers as it is damn crucial that will change much life so as soon as the lottery department uncovers the result we publish the result on Feedtel for you. Now have a look at the winning prize categories that are as following

First Prize: Rs 26 Lakhs

Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Second Prize: Rs 9,000/-

Third Prize: Rs 500/-

Fourth Prize: Rs 250/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 120/-

Nagaland Dear Morning Result 11.30AM

We again remind all the candidate friends to assemble all your purchased Nagaland Lottery Tickets and check Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Result at 11:30 and for the full result check again at 12 PM. Nagaland Lottery is going to change lives of many aspirants and for those whose luck does not support this you have two more chances in a day, So, do not lose hope and stay tuned with Feedtel for more information and the latest Nagaland Morning Lottery Result.

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Nagaland State Lottery: Nagaland Dear Faithful Morning Lottery Result 11:30 AM of 2.10.2019

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