Nagaland Evening Lottery Result Dear Vulture Sambad Revealed 8 PM 27-9-2019

You will get the results of Nagaland Lottery on this page soon. The Nagaland Lottery Department declares the results for Dear Vulture today evening lottery 27th September 2019. The Department air the results on their official portal The lotteries are conducted every day by the Nagaland Government.

The Directorate will disburse the prizes to all genuine partakers after deducting 50% which is distributed as 20% as commission to the brokers and all the distributors of Nagaland lottery while the rest 30% is for the sake of State.

One can be tension free while participating in Nagaland Lotto as the Lottery is safe and is running by the State Government. On a daily basis, 108 lacs tickets are issued including both the sessions for the day. The morning session which is held at 11:55 Am and the evening session at 8:00 Pm.

The Nagaland Lottery Department will start airing the results by 8:00 Pm whereas all the partakers can check the complete results at 8:30 Pm on this page.

Nagaland Lottery Result

The Nagaland Lottery Department will bring out multiple winner prizes along with a consolation prize and the first prize winner will get a cheque/RTGS of ₹25.29 lacs.

Without any more discussions, let’s move towards the results now. I’ll start announcing with FeedTel all-time rituals from the last one and end up to the luckiest personality of the eve.

The Fifth Prize worth ₹120

Winners ~

Proceeding towards the Fourth Prize worth ₹250

Winners ~

Here comes the Third Prize worth ₹500

Winners ~

Now, we have the Second Prize worth ₹9,000

Winners ~

Today’s Consolation Prize worth ₹1,000

Winners ~

Finally, the First Prize worth ₹25.29 lacs

Luckiest Personality of the Eve ~

All the prize winners can claim their prize easily just by filling all the required details in the form available on the Nagaland official web page. Keep your tickets in good conditions, Department doesn’t award the prize on defaced and damaged tickets otherwise you can be sued in the court and pay some fines.

Here are 7 Nagaland Evening Lottery along with their first prize value you can participate in these Lottos too:

  1.  ‘Nagaland Dear Flamingo’ – Conducted every Monday. The first prize is Rs. 25 lakh.
  2. ‘Nagaland Dear Parrot’ – Conducted every Tuesday. The first prize is Rs. 25 lakh.
  3. ‘Nagaland Dear Eagle’ –  Conducted every Wednesday. The first prize Rs. 25 lakh.
  4. ‘Nagaland Dear Falcon’ – Conducted every Thursday. The first prize is Rs. 25 lakh.
  5. ‘Nagaland Dear Vulture’ – Conducted every Friday. The first prize is Rs.25 lakh.
  6. ‘Nagaland Dear Ostrich’ – Conducted every Saturday. The first prize is Rs. 25 lakh.
  7. ‘Nagaland Dear Hawk’ – Conducted every Sunday. The first prize is Rs. 25 lakh.

I’ll be back with you tomorrow. Stay connected with us for daily updates on Nagaland Lottery 2K19!

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Nagaland Evening Lottery Result Dear Vulture Sambad Revealed 8 PM 27-9-2019

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