Nagaland Evening Dear Hawk Weekly Lottery Result 13-10-2019 8 PM| Check Winners List

Hello folks! Today, we’re here with the “Nagaland Dear Hawk” lottery results which is the last session of today’s Nagaland lottery. Well! Each day there are a total of 2 Nagaland lottery sessions each day and that means 14 sessions a week. The Nagaland Dear Hawk lottery results will be revealed at 8 PM on the Nagaland official lottery website And, if you’re looking for the Dear Hawk results, then you’re here on the right platform. You’ll get the precise results here on this web page by 8:30 PM.

On an average of around 110 lakh Nagaland lotteries issued to the aspirants which makes it quite clear that Nagaland lotteries are very popular. One more fascinating fact is not only Naga people but the visitors and outsiders too find it quite attractive. And, out of that 108 lakhs participation, 20% are outsiders. On top of everything, the price of a Nagaland lottery ticket is extremely low i.e. just ₹6 only. There are several lotteries organized weekly. Also, there are quarterly bumper offers too.

Let me tell you, the prize values are not just limited to the first prize winner only. Perhaps, the Nagaland Lottery Department has a total of 5 ranks for which they pick up multiple prize winners. Along with these 5 prize values, there’s a consolation prize worth ₹1,000. The Nagaland Dear Hawk’s first prize winner will be getting a bonanza prize money worth ₹26 Lakhs. The second and third prize is worth ₹9,000 and ₹500 respectively. Here’s the list of the prize winners of today’s Nagaland Dear Hawk lottery.

First Prize: ₹26 Lakhs

Consolation Prize: ₹1,000/-

Second Prize: ₹9,000/-

Third Prize: ₹500/-

Fourth Prize: ₹250/-

Fifth Prize: ₹120/-

The early birds can check the results from the official lottery website This was all for today’s Nagaland Evening Weekly Dear Hawk Lottery session. We’re done for the day. Many congratulations to all the prize winners and especially, to today’s millionaire personality of the eve. We’ll be back to you tomorrow with the morning session. Till then enjoy and have fun!



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Nagaland Evening Dear Hawk Weekly Lottery Result 13-10-2019 8 PM| Check Winners List

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