Nagaland Dear Parrot Evening Lottery of 8 October 2019: Nagaland Sambad Today Lottery 8PM

Hi Peeps! A very Good Evening to you all. So, today I’m here to encourage you to participate in the Nagaland lotteries. Well! Let me tell you very clear it’s actually the shortcut to the way of turning to be a millionaire and that too without any hassle or any extra efforts or any sort of investment. It’s just you need to buy a Nagaland lottery ticket and you’re done. Also, the appealing fact about the Nagaland is that the price of a single Nagaland lottery ticket is just ₹6 only. And, I really don’t think it’s a big amount that you cannot invest for yourself.

Yeah! I know there’s something that can bother you. Let me clear that also from your mind, there’s nothing to be worried about any kind of fraud or sharp practice as this entire venture is completely official and legalized by the Nagaland State Government. There’s a thing called legitimacy which is being followed by this lottery system. Nagaland’s Evening lotteries are quite popular and it has been observed there’s much more participation than those of the morning ones.

Let me tell you some more about the Nagaland lotteries. Now, I’ll take you through the parameters of the prize distribution strategy. The Nagaland Lottery Department unleashes 5 prize values and picks up multiple prize winners for each of the ranks. The first prize winner of today’s Nagaland Dear Parrot lottery will be winning the bumper prize money worth ₹25.29 Lakhs. The second prize value offered to be is ₹9,000. Coming to the third one, who will be obtaining ₹500. Also, there’s a consolation prize worth ₹1,000. Let’s have a look over today’s Nagaland Evening Dear Parrot Prize Winners list of 8th October, 2019.

First Prize: ₹25.29 Lakhs

Second Prize: ₹9,000/-

Third Prize: ₹500/-

Fourth Prize: ₹250/-

Fifth Prize: ₹120/-

Today’s Consolation Prize: ₹1,000/-

This Sambad Lottery 8PM session takes place every Tuesday at 8 PM. All the prize winners can also visit the Nagaland official lottery website In case you’ve any related queries or any sort of confusion, just reach out to this official website. FeedTel aims to serve you with all the latest news and updates about the lottery. Not only lotteries, but you can also check other latest feeds too here itself.

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Nagaland Dear Parrot Evening Lottery of 8 October 2019: Nagaland Sambad Today Lottery 8PM

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