Nagaland Dear Gentle 11:55 AM Morning Lottery Results Announced 24-8-2019

Hi Naga People! Welcome back to Feedtel. We’re here for you again to reveal today’s morning results of Nagaland Dear Gentle Lottery. The Nagaland State State Government unveil the results at 11:55 AM on the Nagaland Lottery official website @

Since Nagaland isn’t strong economically, I guess, this is the primary reason for that much volume of participation. Yes! Around 108 lacs of Naga people participates daily in the Nagaland Lotteries. Out of that bulk, the Lottery Department airs 5 lucky prize values. The first jackpot prize is worth ₹25.27 lacs. The second prize is worth ₹9,000. The third prize winner gets an ward prize of worth ₹500. And, the fourth & fifth prize value is ₹250 & ₹120. Along with these 5 prize values, there is a consolation prize of ₹1,000.

nagaland lottery update

Though we’re here for you, still it’s a friendly suggestion to review your results from the official lottery website. Not only this, you can also attend the live lottery result session on Nagaland Government Gazette.

The entire lottery session is completely user friendly, prize redeeming is the top pick of this user friendly. Yes! Prize values can easily be redeemed. If the prize value is up to ₹5,000 then it can be claimed by any of the authorized lottery store and above that, you’ve to approach a bank or any government lottery office.

There you’ll have to submit a form and you’ll be asked for the id proof and lottery ticket of, course! So, don’t forget to carry the both.

Nagaland Dear Gentle Lottery Results of 24th August, 2K19

I think we should move forward towards the results. As always, we’ll proceed to today’s morning winning personality following our all-time ritual of starting from the last prize winners.

nagaland lottery results

The Fifth Prize worth ₹120

Winners ~

Here comes the Fourth Prize worth ₹250

Winners ~

Now, we’ve the Third Prize worth ₹500

Winners ~

Today’s Second Prize worth ₹9,000

Winners ~

Here’s the Consolation Prize worth ₹1,000

Winners ~

Finally, the First Prize worth ₹25.27 lacs

The winning Personality ~

After all the formalities, all the prize winners will be awarded by the Directorate of the Nagaland State Lottery Department. As I already told you to carry your id proofs and lottery tickets. Along with this, you also have to carry a cancel cheque too. Stay Connected with us for more updates and related information about Nagaland Dear Gentle Lottery.




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Nagaland Dear Gentle 11:55 AM Morning Lottery Results Announced 24-8-2019

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