Nagaland Dear Flamingo Lottery Result: Today Sambad Live Result 8PM of 7 October 2019

Hello peeps! Here comes today’s Nagaland Evening Lottery Results 8 PM. Every single penny that you invest in the lottery has a count. The cost of a single Nagaland lottery ticket is only ₹6. So, you can invest actually more than you can think of in the Nagaland lotteries. The most important factor is ‘luck.’ So, the only thing that you required a lot for participating is, luck to be in your favor. We’re here to provide you the latest updates and reports from the Nagaland Dear Flamingo lottery and if you already have purchased the lottery tickets and looking forward to the conclusions, then you are absolutely on the precise platform.

You all are aware and witnessed yourself that Nagaland lottery prize values are always prodigious. You can also take those overwhelming prize money back home just need your luck beside you. We believe in providing the best of the best and accuracy in all the feeds that we serve you. Let’s have a look over the prize values to be offered to today’s Nagaland Dear Lottery prize winners.

Today’s first prize winner will be getting a jackpot prize worth ₹25 lakhs. Coming to the second one, who will be acquiring the kitty prize value of ₹9,000. The third pool value is worth ₹500. Also, there are fourth and fifth prizes too that worth ₹250 and ₹120 respectively. On top of everything, here’s the consolation prize too for multiple winners worth ₹1,000.

1st Prize: ₹25 Lakhs
2nd Prize: ₹9,000/-
3rd Prize: ₹500/-
4th Prize: ₹250/-
5th Prize: ₹120/-
Consolation Prize for all serials: ₹1,000/-

FeedTel aims to serve you at its best furnishing you with the latest updated feeds across the entire nation. In case of any related queries or sort of doubt, you may reach out to the official website, ‘’ We are here to always uplift you to try your luck by means of this lottery system. You never know when your luck could be in your favor and you turned out to be the millionaire.

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Nagaland Dear Flamingo Lottery Result: Today Sambad Live Result 8PM of 7 October 2019

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