Nagaland Dear Evening Parrot Lottery Results At 8 PM: State Sambad Lottery Today of 15.10.2019

A very Good Evening Candidates! Welcome back again on this page to check the results of Nagaland Lottery. Today we’ll reveal the results of Nagaland Dear Parrot Lottery. Nagaland is one of the states who have the authority to host a legal lottery. Naga peeps are addicted to this Lottery, many of the aspirants even after winning the jackpot prize couldn’t able to put their steps back from this Lotto.

Around 80% of participants are citizens of Naga. There’s kind of zeal in them which keeps them poking to participate again and again to win more. The Lottery ticket cost you ₹6 only, that can turn you a millionaire. Yes! I’m not joking the first winning prize worth ₹25.29 lacs.

The Department brings out five goody bumper prizes along with a consolation prize ₹1,000 for all the participants partake in Lottery event and if you’re lucky enough you might be today’s winner. The Department will start publishing results by 8:00 PM but for complete results, you’ve to visit again sharp at 8:30 PM. So, I suggest you put a bookmark on this page.


So, the time has come to take you toward the results of Nagaland Dear Parrot, 15 October 2K19. I’ll disclose results fro the last prize winners, covering all the prizes and finally come on to the first prize.

  • The Fifth Prize Worth ₹120
  • Here’s the Fourth Prize worth ₹250
  • Here comes the Third Prize worth ₹500
  • Now we have the Second Prize Worth ₹9000
  • Today’s Consolation Prize worth ₹1000
  • Finally, Here the First prize Worth ₹25.29 Lacs

The results will update itself as the Department will provide results. All the prize winners are requested to visit the Nagaland Lottery official portal to fill a form of personal details and also winning ticket serial number. The prize winners up to 5000 can collect their reward from any of the Government authorized counter and the first prize winner will get the reward from the Directorate of the Nagaland Lotto Department!

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Nagaland Dear Evening Parrot Lottery Results At 8 PM: State Sambad Lottery Today of 15.10.2019

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