Montu Ni Bittu Total Box Office Collection Till Now Review & Ratings

Montu Ni Bittu (2019) is a comedy Gurajati film that is currently playing in the theatres. If you love comedy movies and is in the mood of watching a Gujarati film but want to know more in detail about Montu Ni Bittu before deciding on whether to watch the movie for sure or not, then this article will help you finalize your decision.

Here we have mentioned details about the Montu Ni Bittu cast and Montu Ni Bittu box office prediction and collection. Apart from that, this article also features a quick Montu Ni Bittu review so as to give you a better understanding about the overall plot of the movie.

Montu Ni Bittu (2019) Cast

  1. Maulik Nayak.
  2. Aarohi Patel.
  3. Mehul Solanki.
  4. Hemang Shah.
  5. Happy Bhavasar.
  6. Pinky Parikh Desai.
  7. Kaushambi Bhatt.
  8. Bansi Rajput.
  9. Kiran Joshi.
  10. Vishal Vaishya.

Montu Ni Bittu Review

The movie will surely make you laugh hard and in some scenes, you will surely have to grab your chair while laughing and will also get you all teary-eyed. If you have watched movies like Vijayagiri, Bawa Premji, and all, then you will know what to expect from the movie Montu Ni Bittu.

Even though the movie has a runtime of 2 hours and 13 minutes, nowhere in its entire length do you feel bored or thinking about anything else. Well, that is not to say that the movie has a unique storyline. The storyline, as a matter of fact, is very normal and quite predictable.

As you can pretty much guess from the title of the movie, the entire film revolves around the lives of Montu and Bintu. In the movie, Montu develops a love interest in Bittu from their childhood. However, when the time comes for Bittu’s marriage, their romance does not reach anywhere and Bittu still considers Montu as her friend. The story then takes the viewer through the different drama that happens in their life and how Montu is trying to make Bittu the love of his life.

Montu Ni Bittu Box Office

In respect of the box office performance of the Montu Ni Bittu (2019) movie, it has been doing great reports from all the theatres where the movie has been released. People are loving the movie, and as it is a comedy movie, Montu Ni Bittu (2019) is able to garner a lot of family audience which is very much improving the box office collection report of the film.

The movie is going ahead to become one of the best super-hit comedy movies of this year as there is no sign of its box office run slowing down anytime soon.

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Montu Ni Bittu Total Box Office Collection Till Now Review & Ratings

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