Malayalam Movie: Porinju Mariam Jose (പൊറിഞ്ചു മറിയം ജോസ്) Review Box Office Collection

Malayalam movie Porinju Mariam Jose (2019) has just hit the theatres after a long wait. The movie was able to create a good buzz before its release date and has a huge star cast that supports the buzz.

If you are looking forward to watching the movie in a theatre near you and need to know more in-depth information about the film before actually deciding to watch it, then we bring you the necessary details about Porinju Mariam Jose (2019) you need to know before watching it.

Porinju Mariam Jose (2019) Cast

  1. Joju George.
  2. Chemban Vinod Jose.
  3. Nyla Usha.
  4. Rahul Madhav.
  5. Swasika.
  6. Kalabhavan Niyas.
  7. Salim Kumar.
  8. Malavika Menon.
  9. Vijayaraghavan.
  10. Nandu.
  11. Sudhi Koppa.
  12. I.M. Vijayan.
  13. Sinoj Varghese.
  14. Abhishek Raveendran.
  15. Jayaraj Warrier.
  16. T.G. Ravi.
  17. Sarasa Baluserry.

The Porinju Mariam Jose  movie was released on 23 August 2019 and the movie is directed by renowned Indian film director Joshiy.

Porinju Mariam Jose Review

Director Joshiy, who is very popularly known for Malayalam movies like No. 20 Madras Mail, and New Delhi, is back with another movie Porinju Mariam Jose (2019) since his 2015 release Lailaa O Lailaa.

Porinju Mariam Jose is based on real-life people who are very much acquainted with a church festival happening in the district of Thrissur in Kerala known as Thrissur Perunnal.

The beginning of the movie is set in 1965 around the Thrissur, where the three title characters, named Porinju, Mariam, and Jose and introduced. The movie basically goes through the drama, and the back story revolving around these three characters.

The story is built decently and the first half is a real entertainer with no boring bits at all. However, as we enter into the second half of the movie, there is too much of everything that is happening on the screen that the audience will generally find it too difficult to grasp and understand everything that is thrown at them and will mostly feel exhausted to keep pace anymore.

Despite all that, the movie is absolutely able to keep you entertained for its entire length if you aren’t too much focus on each bit and detail happening on the screen.

Porinju Mariam Jose (2019) Box Office Prediction and Collection

Even though the exact budget of the movie is not available as of now, from the word of mouth and overall box office statistics, it is very much evident that the movie is doing good business.

As per trade reports, the movie Porinju Mariam Jose has been able to collect ₹1.50 crores and ₹1.90 crores from just the first 2 days of release. So overall, the movie can easily be deemed a super-hit.

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Malayalam Movie: Porinju Mariam Jose (പൊറിഞ്ചു മറിയം ജോസ്) Review Box Office Collection

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