Lottery Results: Nagaland Dear Parrot Evening Lottery Result Toady 8 PM| First Prize worth ₹25.29 Lakh

Hi People! Hope you all are doing well. Once again, Veronica is back to sprinkle happiness. Yes, you heard it right, I will be declaring today’s Nagaland Dear Parrot Lottery Result. Ahhh! The wait is finally over and here’s the moment which you are eagerly waiting for. But, first, let me tell you one more thing. I missed our interactions a lot. Hope you missed me too!

Let’s move towards some exciting facts about the Nagaland Lottery Event. This lottery system is completely legal and officially conducted by the Nagaland State Government itself. I guess, this is also the reason for active participation. Most of the Nagaland population is involved in these lotteries session. For the locals, apart from their primary source of income, their involvement in the lotteries to this extent is considered to be the secondary source of income.

The much the lotteries are proved to be the fate changer for the locals, the much these lotteries events are helping the state government. Yes, it’s a source to collect the revenue by the state government which is ultimately beneficial for the growth of the state. Thousands of people participate in the lottery events regularly. Somewhere it also has become an addiction for the people living there. And, I guess, it’s not even harming anyone as by spending a small amount of around 60-70 rupees, one can turn his fate.

Nagaland Lottery Result

One more thing, it’s easier for the winners to redeem their prize value. Winners can easily redeem their prize value from any of the authorised lottery shops, exceptional for the winners with a prize value more than ₹5000. They have to reach out to the lottery department for their prize value.

Let me take you closer to today’s Dear Parrot result declaration. As earlier declarations, today also, I will be following Veronica’s Feedtel ritual of starting from the bottom and moving to the luckiest personality of today’s Eve.

The Fifth and the last Prize value worth ₹120


The Fourth Prize worth ₹250


Here comes the Third Prize worth ₹500


Now we have the Second Prize worth ₹9,000


No, no, no! Before the winner, we have the Consolation Prize worth ₹1,000

The Winner is:

And, finally! the First Prize worth ₹25.29 Lakh

The Luckiest Personality of the Eve is:

Here comes the time to take your leave for today. I will be meeting tomorrow with the new Nagaland’s luckiest personality. Till then Stay Happy, Stay Sexy! And, Of course, Stay Connected with us for more details and updates.


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Lottery Results: Nagaland Dear Parrot Evening Lottery Result Toady 8 PM| First Prize worth ₹25.29 Lakh

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