LIVE Update: Goa Rajshree Ganga Lottery Results Unveiled 4 PM Today 14-10-2019

Good Afternoon Aspirants! Today we’ll be discussing about Goa Rajshree Lottery. Every day the Goa State Lottery Department conducts 3 lottery sessions- Morning session @11:55 Am, Afternoon session @4Pm, and the Evening session @8Pm except on Mondays. Monday there’s no evening session. There are only 2 sessions on Mondays. And, every Monday the Department conducts this Goa Rajshree Ganga lottery and the results will be out by 4 pm on the official Goa lottery website Complete updated results will be publicized on all other web pages around 4:30 Pm.

Goa, the party City is famous for its beaches, it’s nightlife, and especially casinos. But now, one more thing has been added to this popularity list and that is the Goa State Lotteries. Do you know how this venture is in the limelight? Well! The primary and foremost reason is its low price. Yes, the cost of a single Goa Rajshree lottery ticket is only ₹6. Not only Goans but the visitors too are really attracted by the lottery game.

Goa Rajshree Ganga Lottery

For the zillions of participation, the Goa Lottery Department has 6 prize values to offer. And for those 6 ranks, the Rajshree Lottery Department airs out multiple prize winners for each of the prize value. Today’s Goa Rajshree Ganga first prize winner will be blessed with that highest millionaire prize value worth ₹26.06 lakhs which millions of aspirants partake in the lottery scheme. The second and third prize values are worth ₹7,000 and ₹2,000 respectively. Along with these ranks and prize values, there are 3 more ranks along with one consolation prize of ₹1,000.

First Prize: ₹26.06 Lakhs
Second Prize: ₹7,000/-
Third Prize: ₹2,000/-
Fourth Prize: ₹500/-
Fifth Prize: ₹250/-
Sixth Prize: ₹120/-
COnsolation Prize: ₹1,000/-

All the prize winners are advised to redeem their prize value within the time span of 30 days from the date of lottery issuance. Once, it will exceed that 30th day, you’ll no more be eligible to claim your prize value. Also, keep your lottery tickets in good condition.


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LIVE Update: Goa Rajshree Ganga Lottery Results Unveiled 4 PM Today 14-10-2019

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