Live Nagaland Lottery: Evening Dear Eagle Sambad Lottery Result 8 PM 25-9-2919

A Very Good Evening Peeps! I, Veronica welcome you back on this page with today’s results of Nagaland Dear Eagle Evening Lottery. Get ready with your tickets as the result will appear soon on your screens. My best wishes are always with you the more you win, the more we appreciate it.

There are several benefits from the Nagaland lottery to the contenders and it’s helpful for the Government too to collect the revenue. Let me tell you, the prize winners will get half of the amount and the other half is deducted as tax. Out of that 50%, 20% of the amount is distributed to the brokers as commission and the rest 30% is applied for the development of the state.

A vast number of people participate in Nagaland Dear Eagle lottery. For those partakers, the Lottery Department brings out five bumper prizes along with a consolation prize. The first prize winner will get a reward of ₹50 lacs. The Nagaland Lottery Department will reveal the results at 8:00 Pm, but the complete results will be out at 8:30 Pm sharp.

Nagaland Lottery


Now finally, we are here with the results. So, without wasting a single moment, let’s end your curiosity here itself and start announcing the results from the last winning prize and outstretch the session up to today’s millionaire.

The Fifth Prize worth ₹120


Moving towards the Fourth Prize worth a cash prize of ₹250


Here comes the Third Prize worth ₹500


The Second Prize worth ₹9,000


Before heading to the luckiest one of today’s eve first, let me tell you about the consolation prize worth ₹1,000


Ahaan! Finally, the luckiest one of the eve is here, the first prize worth ₹26.02 lacs

Today’s Millionaire~

Although I’m providing accurate results still I refer you to cross-check the results. Stay on this page as the result will appear once the Nagaland Lotto Department publishes the complete results. We’ll meet again in the next session and with the new lucky winners. Till then Stay Happy. Don’t forget to stay connected with FeedTel!

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Live Nagaland Lottery: Evening Dear Eagle Sambad Lottery Result 8 PM 25-9-2919

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