Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sinkandar Was Looking For Amyra 23-9-2019 Written Episode

The latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala started with how Sikandar had been looking for his daughter Amyra. After that, we found him really worried and he then all of a sudden, received a distressing call that he was unable to find Amyra. On the other hand, we could see that everyone in the Chawl started asking Sakinder about Amyra. The man who had been there at the registration office says that she will be submitting a song only when her entry as a contestant into the competition would be valid. Sikandar called his brother and then told that it is Tony Chaddha who took Amyra with him.

kulfi kumar bajewala

On the other hand, Sikandar had been feeling helpless due to the circumstances that have been going around in the house. Kulfi with her tram started the recording of the song prior to submissions.

She too asked her group about the opinion and in return, something had been missing from the song and then we see that Sikandar started worrying about lying to Kulfi and then thought of getting back Amyra. We then see that Lovely had lost her senses and then we even see her hallucinating about Amyra and the way she had been trapped behind the bars. Also, we see her pretending a doll to be her daughter.

Kulfi was seen to be extremely worried about her father for the latter had been in an urged condition altogether. She even adds that it won’t be possible for her to see him in such a condition. As Sandy tends to disappear every night, she said that she would now be following him in order to figure out the things and the places where he actually goes! N

Nihalo on the other hand, tells the police that he just thinks lovely to do a pretention of being insane. Also, we see how Kulfi sets out on the mission of finding out where Sandy actually goes during the night. To see more of what happens through the next scenes, keep watching or stay tuned with us!

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Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sinkandar Was Looking For Amyra 23-9-2019 Written Episode

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