Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Today’s Written Episode 17-9-2019 Raju and Yusuf looking for Kulfi

With the 16th September 2019 episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we have seen that the chawl members were all engaged in deciding to assist Sikandar where he was busy to find out Kulfi. On the other end, we could also see that Sikandar and Amyra were missing from their respective rooms and this particular incident was mainly noted by Raju mummy.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala on 16th September 2019 also witnessed the way when Himmat and the other members were finally able to meet with Sikandar a that is when they confronted Sikandar about not taking any sort of assistance from him. Sikandar finally agrees to take Raju mummy with him post that!

kulfil kumar

After a short span of time, we could then find that Sikander reaches the location that was decided for the exchange to happen and then we see that Amyra was surprised to see Lovely and then they were looking to meet her once. Now, we also see that Lovely also met with Amyra wherein she tried her best to provoke her against Sikander. Besides, Kulfi was held to be the first priority of Sikander.

kulfi kumar bajewala

Later on, Amyra asked about Kulfi to Lovely but she denied saying anything about that at all. We also see that Lovely seems to be carried away by the police and Sikandar after knowing about Kulfi’s location, he becomes too restless. Then, after that, we see that Amyra angrily burst on seeing the photograph of her mother. We even see that Matka was feeling guilty about helping out Lovely.

Later on, as Matka reveals the entire truth, it was finally known that who had actually done the job and then only, we could find that Kulfi was hidden behind the idol of the Ganpati. That was all about the update for the episode. If you are looking forward to knowing more about what is happening in the genre of the daily soap, stay tuned and we shall get back to you!

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Today’s Written Episode 17-9-2019 Raju and Yusuf looking for Kulfi

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