Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Latest Spoilers & Updates 10-9-2019 Written Episode

Welcome back to FeedTel and today, we are here to update you about the latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala where we see Kulfi follow Amyrah and the two were found to reach some unknown place. Amyrah when surrounded by some goons, Kulfi starts to cry her heart out and says that she has some money with her. Amyrah gets really worried as she finds that the goons were after Kulfi. In the process, she calls Sikander to help them in trouble.

kulfi kumar bajewala episode

Meanwhile, aunty was shocked to see the picture of jail and she says that she will be kidnapping Kulfi once she is able to rescue herself from the jail. On the other end, Kulfi gets caught by the goons and tells her to give their money back – the one that Amyrah had to pay for she had lost the game. Sikandar’s friend comes in the plot and rescues Kulfi.

Now, Sikandar and Kulfi get back to the chawl and he keeps on scolding her and wants to know the reason for which she has gone there. In the process, the money slips from her dress. Now, Amyrah confesses her mistake and says that she has lost the game. Not only that, but she has also lost her friends and now, no one was actually willing to take her in team.

kulfi kumar

In the jail, one of the culprits overhears Kulfi’s aunty, Nihalo and Lovely to make a plan for escaping from the jail and he informs the jailer. However, their shock to the custody was absolute of no use since the bomb that they were about to blast got wet and their plan failed. That was all about the last episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. Hope you are going to have a really nice time watching it and even if you have missed it, here is all that has happened so that you can relate to the next episode you watch at ease!

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Latest Spoilers & Updates 10-9-2019 Written Episode

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