Kerala State Lottery Result: Kerala Win Win W 533 Lottery Result Live of 7.10.2019

Hi peeps! Welcoming you back to Feedtel. If you all are anticipating to find a way that can turn your lives completely, then I would like to suggest you try out your luck with the Kerala lottery. Since Kerala lottery is purveying you golden opportunities on a daily basis to furnish your future to some extent. And, the appealing factor is you can witness everything yourself that it’s completely safe and secure to play. Moreover, Kerala lottery is one of the highest offering prize values that makes it more fascinating and attractive in itself. This Kerala lottery is worth the amount just ₹30 only.

Now, comes to the prize distribution framework. The first prize of today’s Kerala Win Win W-533 lottery will get the prize value of ₹65 lakhs. Following the next one, the second prize is worth ₹10 lakhs. Here comes the third prize winner, who will be getting the prize money of ₹1 lakh. Along with these 3 prize money values, there’s a consolation prize for multiple winners worth ₹8,000.

First Prize: Rs 70 Lakhs

Consolation Prize: Rs 8,000/-

Second Prize: Rs 5 Lakhs

Third Prize: Rs 1 Lakh

Fourth Prize: Rs 5,000/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Sixth Prize: Rs 500/-

Seventh Prize: 100/-

The Kerala Win Win Lottery today results will be declared at 4 pm. You may cross-check your results on the Kerala official website too i.e. or Interested aspirants can also attend the live streaming of the entire session on YouTube broadcasting directly from the Gorky Bhawan, Thiruvananthapuram where this event usually takes place on a regular basis at 3 pm.

An important update for the prize winners is if the prize money is up to ₹5,000 that can easily be redeemed from any of the authorized lotteries stores. And, if it is more than that the prize winners have to reach out to some government bank or any official lottery department. One more thing which you’re all supposed to keep in mind is to persist your lottery tickets safely in a good condition else you’ll have to wash off your hands from the prize money.

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Kerala State Lottery Result: Kerala Win Win W 533 Lottery Result Live of 7.10.2019

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