Kerala State Lottery Akshaya AK 414 Result 4PM: Kerala Akshaya AK 414 Lottery Result of 2.10.2019

Get ready for some unexpected thing will be going to make you experience another phase of life in which there will be no issue of money and poverty. You will not think for a second before buying something you like and you will get such type of life with the support of Kerala Lottery. We hope you all have purchased your lottery ticket for today’s Kerala State Akshaya AK 414 Lottery, you are just a click away from all the complete details of the Kerala lottery result Akshaya. Kerala Lottery becomes an indispensable part of the Kerala State now as the cash flow sustains the financial development of the state very well. There are many more things that are maintaining by the Kerala State Lottery whether it is the employment of the state or retaining the living standard of the citizens of the state.

Kerala Lottery Result Today Live Results Today

In my opinion, all the citizens who involved in Kerala Lottery daily are the smartest persons of the state it does not matter if you are winning lakhs or hundreds the thing is you are winning easy money without any hard efforts. If you fastened your efforts in Kerala Lottery soon winning become your passion and we are sure that you will utilize your passion for becoming a rich man. Winning takes place when preparations meet expectations. Do not think about something unexpected if you are not doing some unexpecting today. Get the complete Kerala State Akshaya AK 414 Lottery Result at 4 PM here at if you are doing this much just on the behalf of our suggestion then it is our responsibility to provide genuine and hassle-free results for saving your time. If we take a look at the winning prize categories, so there is a total of nine prize categories including in Kerala Akshaya AK 414 Lottery consisting that are as follows

Kerala Lottery First Winning Prize: Rs 60 Lakhs

Consolation Prize: 8,000/-

Second Prize: Rs 5 Lakhs

Third Prize: Rs 5,000/-

Fourth Prize: Rs 2,000/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Sixth Prize: Rs 500/-

Seventh prize: Rs 200/-

Eighth Prize: Rs 100/-

Kerala Akshay Lottery Result Today 2.10.2019

We remind again all of the aspirants of Kerala Lottery to check Kerala State Akshaya Kerala Lottery Result at 4 PM of 2 October 2019 and for the complete result, you can check the result at 12 because it takes some time for the state government to withdraw the lucky draw and to publishing it completely on the internet. You will get the complete Kerala Lottery Result of 2.10.2019 just after refreshing this webpage. So keep your mindset positive, think forward, check the complete result cautiously, and keep your lottery ticket safe. Stay tuned with us for more information and the latest Kerala Lottery Result today live.

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Kerala State Lottery Akshaya AK 414 Result 4PM: Kerala Akshaya AK 414 Lottery Result of 2.10.2019

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