Kennedy Club Collection: Find Box Office Earning Report, Audience Response and Review

Kennedy Club is basically a Tamil movie that is expecting to get a really good follow up these days. It shall stars M. Sasikumar and Bharathiraja in prominent roles. This movie is simply a drama directed by Suseenthiran. The movie has been released this Friday at the box office and just within a few odd days, it is gaining a really good response from the audience. Definitely, it’s a good thriller and could be considered as a must-watch film. The acting skills portrayed in the movie are worth all the appreciation.

There are several positive points in the film that has all together made it a good watch! Firstly, the film revolves around the idea of Women’s kabaddi and then the astounding acting of Sasikumar have all together made it a combo pack for the audience. Since Sasikumar has got an amazing fan following, we can expect that this film won’t be disappointing his fans anyway even though the screen play is a little flawed but such fans must be getting the essence of the film without any deficit. Kennedy box office collection is surely going to be a super hit!

Here is a chart of the box office predictions:

1st Day prediction – ₹6CrCr
2nd Day prediction – ₹4CrCr
3rd Day prediction – ₹5CrCr
1st Weekend prediction – ₹50CrCr
Kennedy Club Total prediction – 65CrCr

Consequently, we came to know that it had collected 2.50 Cr and 3.10 from its 1st and 2nd day of release respectively, which is not at all a bad feed back anyway.

It is a fine movie and the production work throughout the film is indeed great! The club views and ratings are superb and they are consequently gaining positive responses out of the box office. It is something that the viewers would watch in good numbers. This weekend, being released at the box office, is expected to have an awesome work of production. Not just this, the directional work is undoubtedly fantastic!

Amidst all of it, this Kennedy club is getting good responses, while at the same time, it is gaining a sorry of average reviews from a handful of audience on the other end. The storyline is quite impressive and the best part is the script which is certainly good enough!

For all those viewers who are looking for a good dose of entertainment, I hope that you are going to love the way they have executed the whole script.

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Kennedy Club Collection: Find Box Office Earning Report, Audience Response and Review

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