JER vs UAE ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier Playoff| Matchday 21| Group B| Jersey vs United Arab Emirates

The next match of the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier is scheduled to be fought between the United Arab Emirates and Jersey. In the 21st Matchday of Group B, UAE and JER will face off against each other for the first time in this tournament. The UAE is in good form since the day they lost the opening match against Oman. Post to that, the team has won its 2 consecutive matches which were played against Ireland and HongKong respectively.


The UAE vs JER TOSS will take place at 3:10 PM IST

Date: Tuesday, 22nd October, 2019

Time: 3:40 PM IST

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

UAE vs JER Preview:

The United Arab Emirates is on the top of the Standings Table of Group B. Earlier, the team was playing so bad but now UAE is rising up and hoping to win the match today to maintain their position in the top three. The UAE vs JER will gonna be a really tough fight. Jersey will also have to struggle a lot to be a part of this tournament.


United Arab Emirates:  Chirag Suri, Rohan Mustafa, Rameez Shahzad, Waheed Ahmed, Darius D’Silva, Junaid Siddique, Mohammad Boota (wk), Ahmed Raza (C), Muhammad Usman, Imran Haider, Zahoor Khan, Sultan Ahmed, Ghulam Shabber, Zawar Farid.

Jersey: Nick Ferraby, Harrison Carlyon, Ben Stevens, Jonty Jenner, Nick Greenwood, Benjamin Ward, Dominic Blampied, Anthony Hawkins-Kay, Julius Sumerauer, Jake Dunford (wk), Charles Perchard (C), Corey Bisson, Elliot Miles, Rhys Palmer, William Robertson.

UAE Predicted Lineups

  1. Chirag Suri
  2. Rohan Mustafa
  3. Rameez Shahzad
  4. Waheed Ahmed
  5. Darius D’Silva
  6. Junaid Siddique
  7. Mohammad Boota (WK)
  8. Ahmed Raza (C)
  9. Muhammad Usman
  10. Imran Haider
  11. Zahoor Khan

JER Predicted Lineups

  1.  Nick Ferraby
  2. Harrison Carlyon
  3. Ben Stevens
  4. Jonty Jenner
  5. Nick Greenwood
  6. Benjamin Ward
  7. Dominic Blampied
  8. Anthony Hawkins-Kay
  9. Julius Sumerauer
  10. Jake Dunford (WK)
  11. Charles Perchard (C)


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JER vs UAE ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier Playoff| Matchday 21| Group B| Jersey vs United Arab Emirates

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