How To Take Care Of Yourself From Flu & Cold In This Changing Season

We all know that the atmosphere is changing nowadays. Sometimes we feel the cold wind and sometimes normal wind. It indicates to all of us that cold is coming and now its time to pack summer clothes and put them into cupboards and take out winter clothes. But this weather and environment are not good for us because it brings flu & cold. We would like to discuss some usual symptoms of cold with you.

Running nose, sore throat & headaches are one of them so if you feel any of these then we suggest you take care of yourself. People from all across the world cure themself by taking medicines but we have something new through which you can cure yourself without consuming medicines. So for you, we have discussed some natural methods below, which you can perform to get rid of the flu and cold.

Consume Good Amount Of Protein

One of the foremost methods is to take care of your daily diets, it will definitely, help you to stay fit. The food we consume acts as an important role in keeping us fit and healthy. So now onwards, whenever you feel down, you have to increase your protein consumption volume. Additionally, foods and fruits having vitamin-c have the power to power your immune system. So this can be the next best option for you.

Wear Wet Pair Of Socks

We know you get shocked after knowing this line but we would like to tell you this method can really, help you to fight against your flu and cold. So what you have to do is to put a wet pair of socks and after that cover them with another dry woollen pair of shoes. Yes, it will definitely, improve an individual immune system.

Consume Raw Onion: If you eat raw onion, it is very good for your health as it is one of the greatest food items which fights against cold & flu. You can also soak onion in a glass of water for 6 to 7 hours and then take out the onion from the glass and drink the water.

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How To Take Care Of Yourself From Flu & Cold In This Changing Season

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