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Hello, all the people of Kerala, first of all, we wish you a very happy and prosperous Onam. We hope that all your obstacles and penuriousness will Vanish in this Onam festival Vanish. We wish you a happy and an opulent life to all of you. Now we are going to tell you the speciality, history, rituals, how it falls, and how the people enjoy and celebrate the festival of Onam. So, first of all, we will tell you how according to what Nakshatra(constellation) and time period Onam falls. Onam is a festival of Harvest celebrate in the state Kerala India it is something like Baisakhi celebrates in North Indian Regions by farmers and other people as well. Onam is one of the biggest major Festival of Kerala State. It falls on the 22nd constellation Thiruvonam according to the Malayalam calendar in the month of Chingam. According to the Gregorian calendar on this time period, the Gregorian calendar overlaps with August – September. According to the historical fact. It is also believed by the people of Kerala that festivals celebrate to praise King Mahabali, whose soul visits Kerala during Onam.

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Mahabali had its own history according to many mythological stories, Mahabali was the great-great-great-grandson of a Brahmin sage named Kashyapa, the great-grandson of a demonic dictator, Hiranyakashipu and grandson of Prahalad. Prahalad who is a son of Hiranyakashipu, Prahald is a great devotee of Vishnu but his father is a rebel of a great lord Vishnu. Prahalad considered as the major reason of great Hindu event, the festival of colours Holi. Hiranyakashipu attempted many tries to kill his Prahalad because he banned the worship of Vishnu in his entire kingdom but his own son Prahalad is a great worshiper of Vishnu and prayed in the castle of Hiranyakashipu, and Hiranyakashipu didn’t like it at all. So one of those attempts in which Hiranyakashipu tried to Kill Prahalad is that Hiranyakashipu called her sister who had boon that she would not hurt by fire. Hiranyakashipu gave Prahalad to her sister Holika and set both ablaze Prahalad was blessed by Vishnu and he saved in the fire but Holika died. Later Hiranyakashipu also killed by Vishnu with his Narasimha avatar and he saved Prahalad.

Onam Quotes Status

  1. Wishing you a very prosperous, healthy, wealthy and Happy Onam to all malayalees in the World
  2. May this ONAM bring the brightest and choicest happiness & prosperity you have ever wished for!
  3. Celebrate the spirit of the harvest festival in all its splendor. Decorate your house with Pookalams, listen to the melodious Onappattus and enjoy the festivities
  4. May the celebration of return of pious Mahabali abode well for you and your family
  5. May your life be decorated like Pookalam, sail in harmony like a snake boat. Happy Onam to all Malayalees

Mahabali on the other hand who held the throne by defeating all the gods(devas) and established his kingdom on all the worlds. He was also a great devotee of Vishnu so when gods asked help to Vishnu he refused because of excessive violence and along with this Mahabali is also one of his beloved devotee and an outstanding ruler. After Mahabali Victory over Gods, Mahabali performed a Yajna(Hindu ritual of sacrifice and remembrance of God) and give any donation to anyone during the Yajna. So, Vishnu came in the avatar of Vamana who is a dwarf boy and asked three paces of land to Mahabali and Mahabali agreed. After Vamana grew to an immense huge size and cover the entire Kindom of Mahabali just in two steps and said where do I put my third step then Mahabali offered his head for Vamana’s third step. Vishnu was very happy by this devotion of Mahabali and gave a boon to Mahabali that Mahabali could visit again once every year, on the lands and people he ruled and this revisit celebrate as the festival of Onam.

Onam is a major annual celebration for Malayalees people. Onam celebrates by the people who live in and outside of Kerala State. Onam is one of the three major annual Hindu festivals celebrates along with Vishu and Thiruvathira. Onam is an antiquated Hindu religion festival in which people of in and out of Kerala celebrate the harvesting of rice.

The people of the state celebrate Onam with several programs including Vallam Kali, Pulikali, Pookkalam, Kummattikali, and Onavillu.

Vallamkali: The snake boat race is one of the major and famous events celebrated by the people on the festival of Onam. A lot of Oresman ride a long snake-shaped boat and a huge number of people come to watch the boat race and get entertained.

Pulikali: Tiger Dance- Pulikali also very well known as Kaduvakali is a widespread activity especially in Thrissur which people paint themselves like tigers and dance to the beats of several instruments including Chenda and Thakil and Chenda.

Pookkalam: Pookalam or Onapookalam is the flower bed or carper or beautiful arrangement of the flower by which they get a particular shape of the design. Pookalam is also known as the sibling of Rangoli in which people do the same but with colors. During Onam, many people make Pookalam and make beautiful designs.

Kummattikali: Kummattikali is a form of traditional dance, it is a dance in which people wear a mask and perform a traditional dance. Kathakali dance is also performed during Onam in which people dance and perform like mythological legends.

There are a number of events by which the people celebrate Onam, but it is sure that People celebrate this festival every year with great pomp and joy. Onam is the official state festival of Kerala public and the government of the state also provides holiday on this day to rejoice the festival. Onam cultural programs took over 30 Venues across the state in which people visit and enjoy Onam Festival. Along with Hindu people, Christan and Muslim community also enjoy Onam as a cultural festival. We suggest all the readers visit Kerala at the time of Onam and experience the joy, rituals, events, and programs of Onam.

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Happy Onam Images: Pictures Wallpapers Wishes Quotes SMS Status DP For Whatsapp 2019

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