Group Of Three Drunk People Attack Government Employee With Rod: Looted Rs. 400 & Motorcycle

Nowadays, half of the newspaper was filled with theft news, murder news, robbery news, etc., it looks like it had become very easy to loot anyone or kill anyone. The same thing happens in today’s case, the group of three people tries to rob and assault a clerk of a government school near Kesharbagh Bridge on 2nd November 2019. But happily, all three peoples who try to do so was arrested by the police. As per the given information, we would like to inform you all that the person (Amit) who attacked by three people was still unconscious but fortunately, police have managed to recover his stolen motorcycle and mobile phone from those three people who attacked him.

One of the best news is that those three accused were arrested and identified as Bhaiyyu Aliases Machlu Banjara, Raghu Hatkar and Rahul Gaur, all of them are the residents of IDA building in Tejpur Gadbadi area, all this information was directly told by the in-charge of the Rajendra Nagar police station.

Group Of Three Drunk People Attack Government Employee With Rod Looted Rs 400 and Motorcycle

All three attacked Amit with an iron rod near the Kesarbagh bridge and loot his mobile phone and 400 rupees cash. Apart from this, they also steal keys from the pocket of his motorcycle and loot it from parking near Rau railway station. As per the information provided by the police, all three people were totally drunk and all of them find Amit an easy target as he was going alone in a deserted area.

The person who informs the police officers about that person. He further said that he saw a man laying down on the floor near the bridge and he took him to the hospital and admitted to the hospital, believing that it was an accident case. And hen Amit didn’t return home on the night of the accident, his family members approached Rau police station to the complaint a report regarding a missing person. And in Rau police station, the family members of Amit were told that he was dead and they have sent his body for autopsy to MY Hospital by Rajendra Nagar police. No police officer re-check whether it was Amit’s body or anybody else.

Happily, Amit’s brother in law went to the hospital to check the body where he found that Amit was alive but unconscious. And after that Amit’s family members shifted him to the private hospital for better treatment as government hospital was not good at all. all across India. At present, Amit is an ongoing treatment process.


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Group Of Three Drunk People Attack Government Employee With Rod: Looted Rs. 400 & Motorcycle

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