Green Environment Is As Important As The Blue Environment: How To Spread Awareness About Blue Beauty

We would like to tell you an amazing fact. So as we all are aware of the slogans which tell us to save plants, grow plants, and save green beauty. But have you ever thought that why we don’t say or see any slogans about “Blue Beauty”? And we all know that it is just the same important as green beauty. The founder of the Indie Beauty Expo Mr. Jillian Wright thinks that many of the companies who get rid of plastic beads and plastic straws have shown less improvement, but it can be improved more than that. The Exp. is a platform which provides the platform to a small Brands to showcase their products and their characteristics.

This helps Mr. Wright to look at the upcoming trends and know more about the brands which are becoming more and more natural and environmental friendly. He also introduced us to the new concept of “Blue Beauty”, and we interviewed her on everything we all need to know and now we are going to tell you what are the questions and what are their answers individually. So let’s start.

What “Blue Beauty” Means

This “Blue Beauty” project is discovered by Beauty Hereos, Jeannie Jarnot in an effort to create a better and more bluer planet. Jarnot and Kapua Browning, the founder of Honua, started a mission towards the cleanup of Oahu beach in Hawaii which resulted in a collection of astounding 700+ pounds of plastic. While this cleaning process is going on, Hawaii has prevented two extensively used chemicals Octinoxate and Oxybenzone in order to save the Oceans. As per the study, we come to know that these two chemicals are effecting the island very much.

Blue Environment

I am very happy inside, whenever I see that someone is doing something good for this world. I am very happy to watch people doing good for the world without any benefits. This time Beauty Hereos has announced a new project named ‘Blue Beauty’. Behind this project, the main personality is Jeannie Jarnot who is giving her 100% efforts in creating a much better and large number of blue planets.

Differences Between “Blue Beauty” and “Green Beauty”

Wright said the philosophy behind the “Blue Beauty” and “Green Beauty” is similar and aim to acknowledge the citizen and consumers about the effect of the product not on their bodies only but on the planet is also very important nowadays.”Green beauty is around the transparency of ingredients, how they are stored, manufactured, what resources are used to produce the formulas, how it can be distributed and packaged, Wright said “Blue Beauty” is a segment of this concept, but more focused with the oceans. “Everyone has to make their own choices, but choices being the operative word; we have a choice.” We have Wright said.

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Green Environment Is As Important As The Blue Environment: How To Spread Awareness About Blue Beauty

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