Goa State Rajshree Evening Lottery Result Today 8PM: Rajshree Evening Result of 1.10.2019

Goa State Lottery Result of 1.10.2019, is going to announce very soon. Luck is a gambling term and the meaning of gambling remains detectable in the word’s connotations. Sometimes luck is bad and sometimes it is wonderful, many times it gives some wonderful things in life that don’t ever expect in your life, but if it is bad then also some disagreeable things in life that don’t ever expect in your life. But what if we say that your luck will only give you a profit there isn’t the kind of failure in the entire scheme and the scheme is Goa State Lottery. Goa State Lottery is well known for its only benefit offering scheme either you will win in Goa Lottery or nothing will happen. It doesn’t consist of the second side of the coin that includes loss.

Goa State Rajshree Lottery Sambad 2.10.2019 8M

Goa State Rajshree Lottery also following the same pattern as Bhutan and Nagaland that including Goa Rajshree Morning Lottery, Goa Rajshree Day Lottery, and Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery of 1.10.2019, Right now we are discussing Goa Evening Lottery that is offering a big first prize of Rs 20 Lakhs. Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery Result will be unleased at 8 PM by the state government lottery department. Like Bhutan and Nagaland Lottery Goa Lottery also giving a chance to all of its citizens to acquire a total of 6 prize categories offering Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery and the same by other Goa Rajshree Lottery schemes. Zillion of people of the state takes part in the Goa Rajshree Lottery habitually which makes Goa Lottery much significant in the state. People also attracted toward Goa Lottery because of its high prize offering scheme that is giving a benefaction of

Rs 2o Lakhs to the first winner:

Here the consolation prize of the lottery is of Rs 1,000/-

The Second winner will seize Rs 8,000/-

The Fourth Winner will grasp Rs 400/-

The Fifth Winner will grab Rs 200/-

The fifth winner will win Rs 110/-

Lottery Sambad Result Today 8PM

We remind again to all the aspirants to check Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery Result at 8 PM on 1 October 2019. Aspirants can check again at 8:30 PM for the complete result. Furthermore, Goa Lottery supports the state government to intensify the facilities in the state on the prerequisite. Goa State Government never takes a step back to make things better in the state with the funds of the Goa State Lottery. So be proud of yourself all the citizens take part in Goa Rasjshree Lottery if you are not winning a big prize at least your contribution is providing aid in rebuilding the state.

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Goa State Rajshree Evening Lottery Result Today 8PM: Rajshree Evening Result of 1.10.2019

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