Goa State Rajshree Evening Lottery Result 8PM: Today Sambad Lottery Status of 7 October 2019

Hello buddies! Today, we are here with the Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery Result 8 PM Lottery Result. We know that every single penny counts and when you are able to purchase just a ticket by investing a small price, you can earn a lot of money out of that, provided that the luck has been in your favor. Now, that you are here, we would help you with the latest reports from the Rajshree lottery and if you have purchased the tickets and are now looking forward to finding out if you have really won anything.

Rajshree Pearl Lottery

We know that prizes are always overwhelming and when you have the luck by your side, you would always be able to help you at finding the prizes so that you actually get to know how much you have won. We believe in providing you with the most genuine info and here you have the prize distribution with the respective amount of money written down here!

1st Prize: Rs- 26.1/- Lakh
Consolation Prize Rs- 1000/- For all serials
2nd Prize: Rs- 7000/-
3rd Prize: Rs- 2000/-
4th Prize: Rs- 500/-
5th Prize and 6th Prize: Rs- 250/- and Rs 120/- respectively

We help you offer the best of the info at Feedtel. However, if you have still had any doubt by any chance, we would request you to visit the official website so that you are able to fetch the right Goa Rajshree Evening Lottery Result of 7.10.2019. We keep on encouraging you to try your luck for you never know when it would turn to be in your favor. We have the best things sorted for you, so make sure that you remain tuned to our website for knowing more of such details. Last but not least, we would like to make you aware of the fact that you should surrender the winning tickets within a span of 30 days so as to avail your claim without any trouble.

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Goa State Rajshree Evening Lottery Result 8PM: Today Sambad Lottery Status of 7 October 2019

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